Swedeviled Eggs

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These deviled eggs will make any Swede very happy. Perfect for Easter if you want to serve a real taste of Sweden.

SVT World turns 25 and wants to celebrate

SVT Worlds kanaler
I do not know about you but I get my nostalgia kick by watching Swedish television here in the US. I love to see everything Swedish, such as architecture, nature, design, people and foodie shows of course makes me feel good and connected to my roots. SVT World has an exclusive offer in the US and Canade for their Internet Protocol Television, IPTV, this year as they celebrate 25 years broadcasting Swedish programs abroad. Via a special box provided by SVTs service partner  you can stream programs to your TV up to 48 hours after they were broadcasted in Sweden. The offer includes shows, series and news produced in Sweden.  

Snus - a Swedish Quintessential

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Photo: jeanneandersen.net

Follow the snus or snoose and you will find the Swedes. This tobacco product made to perfection by generations of Swedes for centuries is still going strong with a big number of users in Sweden. Snus is made of grind tobacco, water and salt. Tobacco from all over the world is blended for different varieties of snus. This product can not be compared with either the US chewing tobacco or snuff as the Swedish snus is spit free and also, just like Swedish coffee, much stronger than its American relatives. First time users often get so dizzy they have to lie down and some have suggested it would even be called Swedish marijuana.

Nobel Banquet Menu 2013

Guinea hen mosaic, carrot variation with Gotland truffle,
and chanterelle duxelle with truffle mayonnaise

Turbot cupola stuffed with Norwegian lobster,
tartelette with lobster on a bed of cream cheese and spinach,
pointed cabbage terrine, lobster sauce and almond potato purée

Chocolate silhouette with nougat and sea buckthorn explosion


Champagne Gaston Chiquet Cuvée Tradition
Brut Premier Cru

Château l’Hospitalet La Reserve Rouge 2011
Coteaux du Languedoc la Clape

Nivole Moscato d’Asti 2012
Michele Chiarlo

Pancake Trio

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I fried frozen mini pancakes in butter and filled one Russian style with smoked salmon, sour cream and topped with black caviar from lumpfish. The second I filled with Southern food, sliced, boneless BBQ wings and BBQ sauce. The third is Swedish style, filled with mashed potatoes, one sliced meatball and topped with lingonberry jam. Surprisingly good pancakes!  

Swedish Potato Gratin

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Swedish comfort food at its best, perfect as a side for a fall dinner. Always a favorite among my American friends.

5:GrapeWine Chicken

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This is a very tasty dish, easy to make and good enough to serve at a dinner party. I serve it with halved brussel sprouts.

Read this book - Farmacology

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Licorice Gravlax Roses

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I made my gravlax adding a pinch of licorice powder to the salt and sugar. Made some nice roses by spreading a thin layer of cream cheese on slices of gravlax and rolling them up. The roses were served on sliced lemon. Very good finger food!

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