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We have a great new Swedish consulate in Fort Lauderdale if you need a passport they have the mobile passport station there on September 24 to 26, contact them to make an appointment.
You can also vote in the Swedish national parliament, Riksdagen, election on August 21 to September 5 at the consulate.

Consulate of Sweden Fort Lauderdale
Tower 101
101 NE 3rd Avenue
Suite 17008
Florida 333 01
Phone 954-467-3507

Hold sammen - hold hender

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Bieber wants to label abused women such as Lara Logan murderers

The stone age approach to women's rights here in Florida is in your face evey day, people have tags on their cars with the for Life propaganda and along the interstate there are huge banners reminding us that the fetus have a heartbeat etc, etc. And now, the retarded statement from a young successful boy, currenlty in the media spotlight. Justin Bieber uses his fame to label thousands of abused women murderers if they chose to abort a pregnancy caused by a rape.  Would Lara Logan have been raped and gotten pregnant, Bieber suggests her to have the child of her rapist, or otherwise she will not only become a rape victim but also a murderer in his eyes. Does Justin Bieber really suggest that a man can rape a woman and get away with sexual assault, but the woman shall carry the Scarlet Letter (or manybe a Bieber Badge) of being a child murderer?

Swedish journalist kidnapped in Egypt - updated, found in serious condition in a hospital

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Bert Sundström from an earlier broadcast today.  Photo: SVT

The Swedish foreign correspondent for Swedish Television, Bert Sundström has been kidnapped in Egypt. An editor at SVT called Sundtröm to get a report from Tahrir Square and a voice answered Sundström's phone and said in Arabic: "Your man is with the Egyptian government, with the military. If you, children of a whore, want him, come and get him."  Currently SVT suspects that Sundström has been arrested by the Egyptian military, but no one knows for sure what has happened to Sundström.  
UPDATE Sundström has been found in serious condition at a hospital and has been operated on for knife wounds in the abdomen, at the moment there are two Swedish policemen with him at the hospital. Really, really bad that journalists are being attacked and stabbed.

Rednecks shall roast weenies not burn Quorans

In Gainesville, a nice university town only two hours north of us, a fringe church, Dove World Outreach Center, with 50 some members led by man who calls himself Reverend Terry Jones has caused uproar in the muslim world and also in the USA by announcing the International  Burn-a-Quran Day on September 11. The mayor of Gainsville has strongly opposed this idea so has Gen. David Petraeus and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Terry Jones was denied a burn permit but said that a lawyer had told him he would not need such permit to burn the Quorans that people have been mailing him. The reverend has received more than 100 death threats via email and is now, in good Florida redneck style carrying a pistol.  The redneck dingbat, ehrr.....reverend  has also written a book called "Islam is of the Devil".

WikiLeak founder Assange will write columns for Aftonbladet

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The founder of WikiLeaks, Australian journalist Julian Assange will write bi-monthly columns for the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. According to Aftonbladet, Assange has chosen the Swedish newspaper as the Swedish publicist culture and laws have been supportive of WikiLeaks since it was founded. Currently WikiLeaks are being threatened by the White House that if WikiLeaks does not immediately destroy all the documents they have published and received from the Pentagon leak otherwise there will be consequences. It is impossible to figure out which consequences the White House considering. After all it was Pentagon that leaked the documents to media so, this is really a problem of Pentagon not WikiLeaks as Pentagon is supposed to make sure secret documents are kept secret and WikiLeaks are supposed to publish secrets to the public. So WikiLeaks did their job, while Pentagon failed.  

Scandinavian countries the happiest in the world

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Researchers at the Gallup World Poll went about it by surveying thousands of respondents in 155 countries, between 2005 and 2009, in order to measure two types of well-being.
The five happiest countries in the world is 1. Denmark 2. Finland 3.Norway 4.Sweden, are all clustered in the same region, and all enjoy high levels of prosperity. "The Scandinavian countries do really well," says Jim Harter, a chief scientist at Gallup, which developed the poll. "One theory why is that they have their basic needs taken care of to a higher degree than other countries. When we look at all the data, those basic needs explain the relationship between income and well-being.". The USA came in on number 14. Find the ranking list here

BP - for the small peeepuuul

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The Mexican Gulf oil spill has now reached Sweden with its sticky, stinking mess. Sweden's Carl-Henric Svanberg manage to put our country in focus in a not so flattering way. After having been pulled by his ear to meet with Obama to get bitch slapped for his lack of leadership and communications during the oil spill, he stumbles out from the White House and speaks to the press with a horrible, even worse than the Swedish Cook, accent.
Can Svanberg not afford to take some English conversation lessons?
It was painful to listen to him speaking and even more so when he started babbeling about how BP cares for small people. Are they planning to launch a clothes line for small peeepuul, Blob Petite? Svanberg is not professional and this makes me wonder how big Ericsson could have been without Svanberg? How many blunders and mistakes did he make due to his bad language skills? My recommendation for Svanberg's next meeting with the English speaking world, is to use an interpretor instead. Thinking about it, Svanberg did not only put a stinky oil blob on Sweden, he actually blobbed on the UK as well, representing British Petrolium, the homeland of Queen's being represented by a person who sounds like the Swedish Cook on drugs. It must be just to easy to make money out of oil, it seems like any person with a foot in his mouth can do so! BP for the small peeepuuul.

Best BP graphic and best BP acronyme

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Huffington Post hit it today with their headline suBPrime as BP's long-term issuer default rating plummeted from AA to BBB. BP has lost 45% of its value since April 20. Hopefully BPs free fall will be scary enough for the other oil drillers to make sure they do not cause the next big spill. The best graphic of the day illustrates the power BP have to drill and kill all in the name of big oil. Who feels sorry for Svanberg today, yes the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, they think he will have to make a difficult choice between attending the Swedish Crown Princess wedding in June or spending more time by the Mexican Gulf, overseeing the clean-up and efforts to stop the leak. I do not feel sorry for Svanberg, obviously, he needs to man up and deal with the dirty oil business instead of mingling with the European royalty in beautiful Stockholm.  

Swedish Dockworker's Union Blockade of Israeli ships and goods

A picture named M2The Swedish Dockworker's Union announced a blockade against all Israeli ships and goods to and from Israel beginning June 15 ending June 24. The president of the union, Bjorn Borg said that this blockade is the union's protest against Israel's ockupation of Gaza.  

The oil is here

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BP is delaying a request from the Pensacola Beach for sifting machines and a tractor, the request was sent more than three weeks ago and the Pensacola Beach officials have not heard anything from BP and today the oil will make landfall on the beach. BP has paid more than $25 million to Florida for marketing and PR, however, from today it would be false marketing to claim that all Florida beaches are clean and the water is crystal clear. The fact that BP quickly distributes funds for marketing instead of clean up shows clearly that the corporation shall not manage the clean-up, the government should. If BP consider this a PR event instead of the biggest environmental catastrophy in the history of the US, they can not be trusted to clean-up the environment.    
Today the oil reaches Florida beaches without clean-up equipment, while marketing firms are paid millions from BP to produce an image of clean Florida beaches, what is wrong with this country?

Downtime due to change of ISP

We will change our ISP and also do some server maintenance so if we are not here on Wednesday and Thursday, we will be back on Friday! I do hope you will miss us!

BP and the US government should share the responsability

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The Swedish chairman of BP, Carl-Henrik Svanberg, was interviewed for the first time after the oil spill by the Swedish newspaper Sveriges Dagblad. He explained his silence in the matter as an effect of the communications strategy of BP, where the CEO Tony Hayward is supposed to communicate of the behalf of BP. Well, this is a big catastrophy for us here around the Gulf mr Svanberg, I think it would be appropriate to let go of the golf clubs and make an appearance. The communications strategy does not seem to work anyways, BP is under attack and must defend itself against some pretty bad internal communication that leajed today, read more about the Three Little Pig project here written by Florida blogger Rick Outzen and published on the Daily Beast

BP - Big Predator

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                                                                           Getty Images
BP has received many new names by media lately, here is my suggestion; Big Predator, let me explain why I suggest this new name for this giant killer that sucks energy out of the earth and spews out oil spill and disaster all over the world with little or no concern for the environment or human lives.  Their giant profits are used to buy law makers and politicians where they are cheap, such as in the USA and in many developing countries.  Their oil spills and systematic negligence of cleaning up is hidden behind expensive pr-campaigns and bought spokespeople.  It is scary to see this mega company rather spend money on lobbying for less protection of our environment and their employees than actually using some of their profit to improve on their own methods and to help sanitized where they pollute.

Clearwater Beach May 1st

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The oil spill in the Mexican Gulf is really scary for us living in Florida, if the oil reaches the shore line, it will harm the ecosystem for an unforeseen future. We spent a few hours on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on Clearwater Beach. The beach was filled with people basking in the sun and playing in the water. It is hard to imagine what Clearwater Beach would look like drenched in oil. Approximately 210, 000 gallons of oil per day has leaked out into the gulf since the BP-operated oil rig exploded two weeks ago. If nothing can be done to stop the oil from pouring out into the water, this might as well turn into the biggest environmental catastrophy in the US history.  Commercial and recreational fishing have now been banned in some parts of the gulf, these are considered the most fertile fishing grounds in the world.  

Swedish chairman of BP must answer tough questions

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The Swedish chairman of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg former CEO of Ericsson, will have to pilot his new company through tough times after the explosion on the oil rigg in the Mexican Gulf some days ago.
800 tons of oil is being pumped out into the Mexican Gulf every day through the whole that was left after the oil rigg exploded, the oil can continue run out into the Gulf for 90 days or more , worst case scenario and destroy wildlife, the eco system of the Mexican Gulf as well as thousands of miles of beaches and sensitive mangrove swamps along the coast lines of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Barack Obama has made it clear that according to the Oil Pollution Act, BP is responsible to cover all costs for cleaning up the oil, currently the cost is 6 million dollars per day. However, one can not feel bad for BP, money can be replaced and so can CEOs, seabirds, fish and other animals and plants that are poisoned and killed, cannot be replaced that easily. Let us hope that the number one focus now is preventing the oil to reach the coastlines and the no effort or cost is spared to save the eco system of the Mexican Gulf coastline.

Ragnarök on Iceland

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Eddan (800 - 1000 AD), the Nordic God and Hero poems, forecasted the end of the earth through ragnarök from a gigantic vulcano. The first poem in Eddan, Valans Spådom The profecy of the Vala,  includes the prophecy of  Ragnarök, the end of the earth.

The sun seems to darken
earth is falling into the sea,
glistening stars
fall from heaven
fire is roaring
with clouds of smoke,
tounges of fire strikes high
towards the sky

Frog warning in Uppsala, Sweden

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I can only smirk at this sign after having lived five years in Florida by a lake. Except for a few months during the cool season, we have all kinds of frogs everywhere. They poop at my windows, the fall down on my head when I walk out the door, the sneak into my care and stare at me when I drive.
In my old home town Uppsala, it is true, we seldom saw frogs except from when they were wandering to their breeding lakes in the spring.

This year Uppsala County will place out warning signs where the frogs have to cross the road to that drivers can avoid crushing the little creatures. I would really like to get my hands onto one of these signs!

Pink flamingo tragedy in Finland

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The Finnish newspaper Huvudstadsbladet reports today that all pink flamingos at the Hogholmen Zoo has been killed. In total 16 flamingos were killed, the oldest bird was 48 years old! and the other birds had been hatched at the zoo in 1998. The suspected killer is a fox who left paw prints and a lot of flamingo blood behind. Horrible, horrible news. I do hope that the Zoo can find new flamingos soon! Maybe we can find them some new birds or eggs here in Florida and ship to our Finnish friends?

Swedish Company is hosting WikiLeaks

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The Swedish Company PRQ,, owned by amongst others Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij from Pirate Bay is hosting the web site Wiki Leaks that published the video of American military shooting civilans and a Reuter journalist and his driver in the Iraqi suburb New Baghdad in 2007. The video contains amongst other the US armys recordings of the communications amongst the soldiers in the helicopter that shot and killad a group of civilians and injured two children. In the recordings one of the soldiers in the helicopter is laughing when an injured man who is trying to crawl away from the scene is run over by a US tank. Click here to watch the video

Swedish Royal Family to visit Tampa in September

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The Swedish Royal Family will visit Tampa Bay in September to honor the Swedes that were engaged in building the first railway across Florida, the so called Orange Belt.

Money, money, money

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President Obaman has signed the Travel Promotion Act into law. The Travel Promotion Act that suggests that visitors from the 35 countries included in the so called Visa Waiver program shall pay a $10 fee when they apply for authorization to travel to the USA.
Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic countries are members of the Visa Waiver program, and if the Travel Promotion Act is approved visitors from those countries will have to pay the $10 fee each time the want to visit the USA.

Professional soccer team to Orlando

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There are rumours that there will be a professional soccer team coming to Orlando. Great news indeed for us that prefer real football.

Chile earthquake

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Foto: Reuters

Florida not at risk for tsunami wave.

Sweden is best - again

Sweden has easiest access to information technologies.
 New York, February 26 (Interfax) - Sweden has the easiest access to information and communications technologies, followed by Luxembourg and South Korea, according to a report released on Tuesday by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for 2008.
Denmark, the Netherlands, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and Britain also ranked in the top ten.
The United States placed the 19th on the list, Estonia 22nd, Russia 48th, Belarus 55th, and Ukraine 58th.
According to the ITU, a total of 57% of people in developing countries have access to mobile phone networks, while in 2005 it was no more than 23%.
Some 26% of the world's population, or 1.7 billion people, use the Internet, while in poor countries only every fifth person has access to the Internet.
The ITU index included 159 states and territories. Residents of China, Singapore, Kuwait, the United State and Denmark have the lowest telecommunications service prices relative to income, the UN's press service reported.

SVT World in North America

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Message from Sveriges Television AB
SVT World, the International channel of the Swedish public service broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) is now available via IPTV (digital TV via Internet) in the USA and Canada.

Sponsor the Swedish Ambassador's Residence in the US

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Ingrid Franzen Storm (left), will design the porcelain for the Ambassador, and CEO of Gustavsberg.

The Swedish Council in cooperation with Rorstrand offer affiliates an option to sponsor the Swedish Ambassador's Residence in the United States with place settings. You can buy one one set of porcelain and Rorstrand will produce it with your organisations's name in gold on the back side of each dish. That's a really cool idea!

Swedish Pastor and Pea Soup in Sarasota

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There will be a Sermon held by Svenska Kyrkan before the Pea Soup party at 2 pm in St Armands Key Lutheran Church 40 North Adams Drive. This will really be a super Swedish event, a Swedish Pastor and Pea Soup.

Invite to passport day - in Florida

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B-G Holmberg, Honorary Consul of Sweden in Tampa invites all Swedes that need a new passport to the first mobile passport day on February 19 at the Consulate in Tampa. Ms. Anna Lambert from the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC will be at the Consulate office from 9 AM to 6 PM with a mobile photo station, and will accept applications for permanent passports for Swedish citizens.

The Swedish Red Cross Swindle

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Swedish Charity Swindler Johan af Donner

The Swedish Red Cross scandal where the head of communications for years swindled money from the Red Cross has led to a decline in donations to the Swedish Red Cross this fall.  This morning I heard an interview on NPR (National Public Radio) with a Haitian man who together with some friends run their own rescue group, using what they have, their arms and legs. They sent a message to all of us that listened; "Please do not give any money or food to our government, then we will never see it. Come here and give money and food directly to the people and it will come to better use."   In this time of catastrophy when so many of us want to help there are scams like the Facebook pages and fake organisations that pop-up in times of disaster and just take well meaning people's money. One might think it is safer to give to one of the bigger, well establised charities.

The animals need help to

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Every day we get news about the width of the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti. We all want to reach out a hand and help the people of Haiti to live through this catastrophy. Many of us that have animals around us everyday, may it be a cat or a bird for company, also think about the animals of Haiti. If you want to donate or just keep updated on the situation for the domestic as well as wild animals of Haiti, go to the homepage of the World Society for the Protection of Animals. They are ready to send their experienced teams to help the animal victims.  

Who is protecting the people of Haiti

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The earthquake that shook Haiti a week ago, hit the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With more than 80% of the population living under the poverty line, the environment in decay and non-stop political violence, where those who are elected ato protect instead massacre their own people, one would think that the 9 million people of Haiti have suffered enough.


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The Swedish Institute has launched a new beta web site for international students, scholars and professionals that are in Sweden or have been in Sweden. The site is also open for people who are planning to come to Sweden as students or professionals.

The web site is called It is supposed to serve as a network offering networking opportunities, blogs, bulletin boards and calendar.

Being close to a crime scene – domestic violence

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We now know that last Sunday around 10 pm two people were shot to death in our neighbor’s house.  The shooter who was the husband of one of the dead persons is under arrest for two cases of first degree murder.  The husband who had recently moved out of the house as, the wife had asked for a divorce, came to his former home and found his wife there with another man. He shot both of them and took their bodies away and buried them in a wooded area not far away from where his parents live.

Being close to a crime scene – update

Our neighbors are still missing, the police have not been able to reach the husband and the wife has disappeared as it seems,  without a trace together with her lover.  Last night the two daughters were allowed to enter the property to pick-up their dogs. The horses that were kept on the property were also taken away on trailers.

During the day two forensic teams have been working in the house but at this point we do not know what they have found.

When I write this a Fox 13 camera team is waiting outside the gate, we have denied to be interviewed regarding this tragedy.

The reporter indicated that the police might release some news later on tonight though.  

Being close to a crime scene - and a little bit scared

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 Our little community in Pasco county is nestled among grandfather oaks and grazing cows far away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Tampa Bay.  We have live here since we relocated to Florida in 2005 and we think we found the perfect neighborhood for Swedes, very close to nature, very quiet.  Everyone is friendly and helpful and we all know each other and we enjoy to spend time together.  

Would Alfred Nobel have wanted the Swedish tax payers to finance a prize in economics in his name?

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In 1887, Ludvig Nobel asks his then 54-years-old little brother to summon his life for the family chronicles. Alfred Nobel writes “Alfred Nobel –miserable half-life, should have been smothered by a humane physician, when he screaming made his entry into life. Biggest accomplishments: To keep the nails clean and to never have been a burden to anyone.  Biggest faults: Not having a family, a good mood and a good metabolism.”  

The association Svenskar I Världen, Swedes in the World, awarded Hans Blix the Swede of the Year title.

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from left HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Hans Blix, General Secretary Karin Ehnbom-Palmqvist and president of SVIV Ulf Dinkelspiel

On August 18 Hans Blix received the price in Stockholm  by HRH Crown Princess Victoria.

Hans Blix is most known for his now famous words about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq "There were about 700 inspections, and in no case did we find weapons of mass destruction," he stated  in several interviews he was also frank and direct in his judgement on how the Bush administration and their UK ally Prime Minister Tony Blair handled the invasion in Iraq. “The United States and Britain failed to examine the sources of their primary intelligence - Iraqi defectors with their own agendas for encouraging regime change - with a skeptical eye, he alleged.”

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