Matt Taibbi made me change my mind, Mitt Romney is not a flip-flopper he is a parasite

Just read the excellent article by Matt Taibbi on the real Mitt Romney and decide for yourself if Rick Perry was right calling him a vulture capitalist. Mitt Romney is an outsourcerer, debt-lover and hater of American workers and industrialists, he certainly is the American Nightmare. Thank you Rolling Stone for publishing this.

Is Romney an underwear powered super hero?

According to Mormon folklore underwear have special power. Wearers of such magic garments can save the bearer from bullets, car crashes and even flame throwers. The Mormon founder, Joseph Smith died from bullets without wearing his magic underwear, his friend Willard Richards, wearing his magic garments survived intact though. Read more on

Royal drama in New York

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Queen Silvia, so royal chique even with a bandage

Queen Silvia was chased by a Swedish pitbull paparazzi freelancing for tabloid Aftonbladet. The tabloid Expressen reports that Queen Silvia was visiting the Beretta store at Upper East Side in New York to buy a gift, may I guess fancy hunting clothes, for the Swedish King. The paparazzi following the Queen was very aggressive on coming close to the Queen who fled to her car but fell down and injured her ancle.  Queen Silvia managed to attend a gala dinner for her charity World Childhood Foundation in New York the same evening with the foot bandaged. The Queen and princess Madeleine had previously visited Boca Raton here in Florida for a gala dinner for the Florida chapter of the World Childhood Foundation where they also attended a sermon with Church of Sweden. The Queen should have stayed in sunny Florida a few more days instead!

National Public Radio should change its name

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It has been an outrage in the USA over NPR firing of their longtime news reporter Juan Williams. The National Public Radio broadcasted in the US is not public though and should change its name. Coming from Sweden where the equivalent to NPR is P1 of the Swedish Radio I thought that the US public radio was financed by the state, by taxpayers money, and thereby owned by the people, the same way Sveriges Radio is. However, that is not the fact with NPR, programs are interrupted by commercials just like any other broadcast here in the US. Our local NPR station here in Tampa Bay is promoting cars, legal services as much as other channels. Yesterday when I was listening to the debacle going on after the Juan Williams I learned that a state mananged fund pay 1% of the costs for NPR so the state, or the public has very little to do with NPR as the rely to 99% on private funding.

Updates on the disappearance of Swedish solo sailor Ola Möller

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   This is not Ola Möller’s boat but a Beneteau 473

On September 2nd Ola Möller’s sailboat, a Beneteau 473, was found abandoned at sea with tattered sails,  some miles from Cape Canaveral on Florida’s east coast. Ola Möller had sent a text message to his son in Sweden on August 27 when he left Bimini destined for Puerto Rico where he had planned to meet with a friend.  It is not known which route Ola was planning from Bimini to Puerto Rico but possibly he sailed eastwards towards Nassau. The weather at that time was good with light winds, but Ola never reported to any ports, so it is assumed that something happened to Ola within the first few days he was sailing between Bimini and Nassau. The US Coast Guard scoured the waters extensively where he was thought to have disappeared but did not find any trace of Ola Möller or the dinghy.

"God hates Sweden pastor" will burn qurans and American flag today

After the big tsunami hit Thailand in December 2004, a pastor Fred Waldron Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, claimed that the many deaths of Swedish tourists in the tsunami occured because God hates Sweden. Pastor Phelps explains that God hates Sweden because in 1944, homosexuality was legalised in Sweden, and as Phelps has been preaching for many years that God hate fags, God must also hate Sweden. I do not think that anyone in Sweden took this guy for serious but he is offending our country and as a Swede, at least I feel deeply insulted. However, Swedes are pretty peaceful people nowadays. So I do not think Americans in Sweden will have to fear for their lifes because of the hate campaign rallied against our country by pastor Phelps.

Ola Möller's children in Florida asking for help

The son and daughter of Ola  Möller are in Florida to try to find out what happened to their daddy. His sailboat was found abandoned near Cape Canaveral September 2. Currently the family of  Möller and the authorities are working on the theory that  Möller was sailing from Bimini towards Costa Rica and that something happened there.  Look at the latest news report here

Swedish sailor still missing

The Swedish sailor Ola Möller whose abandoned sailboat was found in the waters near Cape Canaveral on September 2,  has not yet been found. Möller bought 47-foot Beneteau from Texas where it had been salvaged and restored from damages caused by hurricane Ike.

More support for RedneckRev. Terry Jones is after the money

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I read a blog post from a Gainesville local supporting my initial thought that RedneckRev. Terry Jones does the anti-muslim stunt only for the money. According to Raoul deSouza who wrote the article, published on RedneckRev was kicked out of a church in Cologne, Germany because he was misusing the funds of the church. And now this guy want to sell out the US troops in Afghanistan to make another dollar! According ro deSouza, RedneckRev lives a luxurious lifestyle in Gainesville and reportedly the church is up for sale for $1.1 million.
Read the article here

Almedalsveckan 2010

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Visby, Gotland, home of Almedalsveckan

When I was a young girl I remember watching the former Swedish prime minister, Olof Palme holding a speech in Almedalen, a beautiful park by the sea in my hometown Visby. I do not remember what he said, but I remember feeling very close to him, as a person. Olof Palme founded the tradition of Swedish party leaders to speak in Almedalen already in 1968, twenty years later when Olof Palme was shot to death in Stockholm, the tradition of speaking in Almedalen almost died with Olof Palme. His widow, Lisbet Palme, though,  actively encouraged party leaders to continue this tradition of talking to directly to the people in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.  A few years ago, I visited Almedalsveckan again, it has certainly changed, from the intimate and intellectual dialogue to madhouse of screaming politicians who will do whatever it takes to get the attention from the crowds and the media.

Swedish princess visited Florida but cancelled Sweden Week in Seattle

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Princess Madeleine, second from the left visiting Children's Harbor in Fort Lauderdale. Photo Children's Harbor.

On April 27 Swedish princess Madeleine visited the Children's Harbor in Pembroke Pines here in Florida. The princess is going through a break-up with her boyfriend since eight years and has fled Sweden to be with friends in New York. Yesterday the princess cancelled an appearance at Sweden Week in Seattle and her big sister Crown princess Victoria had to jump on a plane and take her little sisters place in Seattle. According to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, the organisers of Sweden Week is not so happy about the change of plans in the last minute, they had originally been promised that the Swedish king himself would appear, then princess Madeleine was announced and now it seems like they Royal Court of Sweden will be represented by the Crown Princess. The Crown Princess, however, is a pro and will do an excellent appearance at Sweden Week.

Tigers and ducks - again

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Last week our Swedish exotics made headlines again, the Tiger made a robotic mea culpa to his wife, his friends, his sponsors etc, etc, etc. Mrs Duck however was exposed for another cheat scheme by her husband the Duck.

Cookie cutter kids and state sponsored kidnappings

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The Dominic Johansson case I wrote about earlier is still getting attention from the Home Schooling Legal Defence Association, HSDLA, here in the USA. In their latest news release, headlined "Court Upholds State-Sponsored "Kidnapping" of Homeschooling Boy" an attorney named Roger Kiska who represents the Alliance Defense Fund, ADF,  was interviewed and said the following about the Swedish school system;  “What you have here is a socialist country trying to create a cookie cutter kid,”

The Dominic Johansson Case

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                                                           Dominic and his mother Annie
Last June, 7-year-old Dominic Johansson and his parents had boarded a flight from Arlanda, Stockholm to India. Minutes before the plane was supposed to leave the gate, police boarded the plane and arrested the family. Later Dominic was separated from his parents and brought to a foster family on the Swedish island Gotland where he grew up with his parents Christer and Annie.

Free spirits in Bellair

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EuroFloridian has met with Rebecca Weiss, a Swedish artist and author who since 1994 has lived in Bellair with her husband and two cats. Rebecca is the daughter of the well renowned Swedish artist Helga Henschen and German-Swedish author Peter Weiss.  Helga Henschen died in 2002, the same year Rebecca started to write her autobiography, “Journeys in Darkness and Light”.

Congratulations Annika Sorenstam to your daughter

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Annika Sorenstam and her husband Mike McGee had a daughter, Ava Madelyn McGee early this morning

Josef Henschen

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                                                                  Courtesy Christine Best
The Orange Belt Railway

Founder and patriarch of the first Swedish settlement in Florida

Josef Henschen came to Florida in 1871. He was a medical student at Uppsala University when he got the opportunity to bring a group of Swedish workers to Sanford, north of Orlando.  He recruited 36 workers from Uppsala and brought them to the work at the 12 000 acres of orange groves owned by General Shelton Sanford in Seminole County, Florida. General Sanford had not been pleased by the workforce recruited locally and had heard that Swedes were hard working and honest.

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