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Famous Norwegian chef & author Andreas Viestad hosts a series called “New Scandinavian Cooking and Perfect Day.” These shows are shot on location outdoors.  He’s also authored cookbooks such as, “Kitchen of Light – New Scandinavian Cooking.”  His programs take you on a tour of Nordic cuisine, culture & history and include a cast of other famous chefs, such as Finnish native Sara La Fountain, Swedish author Tina Nordstrom and Dane Claus Meyer.  Watch them create local food outdoors in the Nordic countries.  While it is a cooking show, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside.  In one show, Andreas boards an old sailing ship to share the story of the origins of aquavit.

Scandimania - Finnish saunas

Are you into Finnish saunas?  The sauna as we know it today originated from Finland and there is so much buzz these days about all the health benefits.  I was told that my Finnish grandfather Toivo was born in a sauna.  In doing some research, I found that Finnish women gave birth in saunas from the late 19th century to the 1940’s.

Scandimania: Finnish glassware designer Iittala

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The Aalto vase

I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart Living.  In a recent publication I discovered Fjorn , a great resource for Scandinavian products.  Right now they are advertising a 20% sale on Iittala products. Iittala, a Finnish glassware company, was founded in the late 1880’s and is an international sensation in glassware design, cookware and art pieces. Check out this site for more information on Iittala history or for information on other Finnish design companies. Original Iittala designers Alvar & Aino Aalto set the bar for modern glassware.  Their most well-known product is the Aalto vase which was unveiled in 1937 at the Paris World’s Fair.  It is still made to this day at the Iittala Glass Center 1 ½ hours outside of Helsinki.  It is speculated that the fluid shape was inspired by the lines of the Finnish landscape.  If you ever visit Finland, Iittala has a museum, restaurant and store, making it a great one day trip.  Finnstyle is also offering specials on Iittala.

Welcome to Scandimania! A celebration of Scandinavian lifestyle!

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 Meet Indra Fortney, a professional interior designer and photographer, who has lived in Scandinavia.  Indra lived in Finland for three years and has done a lot of international travel – which reflects in her interiors. Now living back in the states, she is the owner of Style & Shoot in California.

News from Scandimania

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Marmitta Oven Roaster from Denmark

Welcome to Scandimania!  A celebration of Scandinavian lifestyle!  

If you are Scandinavian (or 2nd generation like me), you will find here resources & ideas for home interiors, design, architecture, art, food & travel – & everything Scandinavian. During a trip to Norway, I became so inspired by their gentle nature and the natural and simple elegance found in their art and design - interiors inspired by the natural world and environment.  I discovered here a true respect for nature and ever since have been drawn to exploring more about Scandinavian culture and design.

My mother is 100% Finnish and my grandparents loved to speak it – although I found it difficult to learn.  I spent many hours in saunas relaxing and perhaps that is why I live here in Florida, for the very hot & steamy summers!  My father’s family is Norwegian (and ski-jumpers) and we actually ate Lutefisk at Christmas.  I was raised to honor my family’s heritage.  

I hope that you will find here very good resources to enjoy and explore and I hope it will be a useful tool to stay connected to your roots.  I welcome your feedback!


Susan (Hoelseggen) Sutter

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