New charity scandal in Sweden

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Svenska Dagbladet
 reports that a local Rädda Barnen, Save the Children charity in Stockholm appears to have been embezzled by two former board members who are politicians and jurymen. The former treasurer had told the  charity eight months ago that she suspected that there was something wrong and that she could not remain as treasurer under the current conditions. This information was not released to the board and the members until the annual meeting this year. The police will investigate if crimes have been committed and if so who committed them. Pretty bad if it is true that Swedish politicians and jurymen steal money that have been donated to help children.  It will be interesting to follow the investigation and find out how much of the donations aimed for poor children that allegedly  ended up in the pockets of the politicians. Rädda Barnen has 86 000 members and a total of members and donors give money to Rädda Barnen annually, in 2009 Rädda Barnen collected 405,6 million Swedish kronor from donors and 309,2 million kronor from organisations and authorities, totally Rädda Barnen made 756,8 million kronor in 2009.
Update. I think it is the Solna-Sundbyberg local chapter that has been embezzled it appears as if the minutes from their 2010 annual meeting has been removed as well as the information about board members at that time.
UPDATE. Very interesting article (in Swedish) in GP from October 15, 2009 about Save the Children and corruption
UPDATE, February 16, after a tips from a reader, I checked the web site of the local chapter Vällingby-Hässelby-Gamla Spånga and found a message under news that the board had resigned on January 24, 2011. Would be interesting to find out who was on the board that resigned.

Gun from the US allegedly used in Olof Palme assassination

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According to Svenska Dagbladet, citing the German magazine Focus, it might have been former Yugoslavian Secret Service, UDBA, who was behind the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1987.  The weapon used in the shooting was a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and was smuggled into Sweden from the USA. The UDBA had agents following Palme before the shootings that noted that the protection of Palme was very weak.  In 2008 the Prosecutor General of Germany interrogated the UDBA agent Vinko Sindici who claimed UDBA in Belgrad sent an assassin to Sweden who shot Olof Palme in central Stockholm on February 28, 1986.  

Sweden is a stronger brand than Scandinavia

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Sweden is better known than Scandinavia in most countries in the world. In the US for example 61% say they know something about Sweden while only 36% say they know anything about Scandinavia.  The fact that a single country has a bigger attraction than the region is quite uniqe according to Simon Anholt, the founder of Anholts National Brands Index, NBI, who performed the study.
It appears as if Sweden gains from everything that is attractive and positive about Scandinavia, one of the highest status regions in the world.      

Malmo shooter's father lives in Boca Raton

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The father of the alleged Malmo shooter, Peter Mang, lives in Boca Raton. Reporters from the tabloid Aftonbladet interviewed the father in his Florida home. The nifty reporters did not only visit the father of Peter Mangs, they also went to the Boca Raton sheriff's office to tell them that an alleged Swedish serial shooter had been in Florida over the Christmas holidays in 2007. The reporters got all excited when they found out that there was an unsolved shooting of a mother and her daughter that took place at the same time as Peter Mangs was in Florida. Anyways, the reporters must have had a good time in warm and sunny Boca Raton and probably wanted to spin on a possible Florida connection so that they could extend their stay in sunny Florida!

The alleged Malmo shooter lived in the US for some years

The alleged Malmo shooter Peter Mangs born 1972 was arrested yesterday. He is a Finnish- Swede with a big interest in weapons and has a license for a Glock handgun. Peter Mangs lived in the US 1996 - 1999. The arrested man is described as an odd person without friends.
More in Swedish

Carl XVI Gustav wants to turn the page

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The book "Carl XVI Gustav - the Reluctant Monarch" has been flying off the shelves in Swedish book stores. The authors of the book refer to anonymous sources reveiling stories from the 80's and the 90's about parties with young women, connections with criminals owning night clubs in Stockholm and rumours of the King's mistresses. The book was published during the King's annual moose hunt and the group of journalists that normally covers the moose hunt suddenly grew from 5 to 58. Journalists from the other Scandinavian countries flew in to cover the event hoping for some comments from the King and the Royal Court on the book and possible lawsuits being filed against the authors and the publisher.

Malmo police clueless

Once the media caught the smell of a possible serial shooter,  the Malmo police had to admit they looked into the possibilites of someone targeting immigrants. Today the police has admitted that they have linked five shootings out of a total of 50 shooting incidents for the last year in Malmo to the same weapon. It seems like little resources have been spent on finding the shooter until national and international media wrote about the shootings this week. Obviously the attention might encourage others to start shooting at people in Malmo to get the attention and it might also encourage the alleged gunman to more shootings. Late Friday night local time there was another shooting reported but it is unknown if the shooting is connected to the serial incidents. Anyways, the police appears to be clueless and now they need to work in the light of media attention as well. Needless to say, people in Malmo are scared and stressed over the situation which might lead to increased violence in a city with a lot of immigration problems.  

Shootings in Malmo are escalating

Someone in Malmo, the third biggest city in Sweden with 300 000 inhabitants, 30% of them are immigrants, is shooting at people, injuring and killing them, this has been going on for more than a year and not until now the citizens are warned to avoid certain places after dark. The following shootings in Malmo are now believed to be connected:

October 9, 2009 - two men 20 and 32 years old are shot at and both get leg injuries.
October 10, 2009 - a young woman is shot and killed.
December 30, 2009 - someone is shooting into a mosque and several people inside the mosque are injured.
January 25, 2010 - two men 17 and 36 are being shot one in the chest and one in the legs.
March 14 - a police station is being targeted with several shots that hits a bullet proof window. No one is injured.  
March 16 - two men 21 and 22 are being shot at, one is injured in the leg the other gets a bullet whole in his cap.
June 19 - three men are shot at one one of the his hit in the arm.
June 26 - a man is shot with three bullets in his back when he is working out at a gym.
June 27 - a man is shot in the shoulder.
August 25 - a fast food stand is being shot at, three men inside none of them are hit.
October 10 - a man is shot in the stomach.
October 20 - a man shot in the back, the bullet went thought the lunge, the man is in serious condition
October 21, 2010 - two women in an appartment are being shot through the window one is hit in the arm and the other in the back.
Today - one man riding his bicycle when he was shot at but not hit.  

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