Why did Marianne Ny allow Assange to leave Sweden?

After having written a very brave column in Dagens Nyheter, the other day, the writers, journalists Anders Carlgren and Helene Bergman have been attacked by feminazis and others for standing up for the the Swedish legal system and questioning the actions of Marianne Ny. I translated parts of that article. Here comes some more interesting information, and yet another reason to dismiss Marianne Ny from the case or make her go to London and fix the mess she has created. Someone in the Swedish legal system must now take action to close this case. In todays' DN Carlgren and Bergman writes that Marianne Ny, in writing, gave Assange permission to leave Sweden. I have translated parts of todays' column in DN.
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FINALLY two brave Swedish journalists take a stand for Assange

The Swedish national newspaper Dagens Nyheter, DN published a column by the two journalists Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren. They are very critical to how the prosecutor Marianne Ny has handled the case that has led to a man hunt of never before seen proportions as well as a smear campaign mostly in Swedish media against Assange. Bergman and Carlgren have filed a complaint against Marianne Ny with the Justice Ombudsman, JO, who dismissed their complaint that Marianne Ny has handled the case wrongfully and caused suffering to Assange. I have translated parts of the column that I think are of interest to those who are interested in some background to the rape accusations.

This is the time for Sweden to do the right thing

Now is the time for Sweden to be smart in the Assange case. At this point the prosecutor must go to London to question Assange, for the second time, about the accusations about rape and sexual molestation. The current diplomatic tensions between UK, Sweden, the US and Ecuador, as well as the stress of the accusers to continuously be reminded of their alleged sexual trauma. Assange has also been going through a tough time, accused of rape, hunted down, ridiculed by mostly the Swedish media. His suffering is out of proportion when you look at the weak case Sweden has against him. If the Swedish prosecutor cannot grow up and step out of the sandbox and do her job, and continue to waste tax payers money, not only in Sweden, her boss needs now to tell her to go to London and close this case or replace her with someone who has the courage to do the right thing. It is obvious we have this situation only because one persons' prestige and incompetence. Assange has already been interrogated and denied any rape or sexual molestation, we all know what he is going to say in his second interview, don't we? Who is more ridiculous and pathetic now, the prosecutor or the Swedish media who is trying to "help" the case against Assange by insulting and ridiculing him every day in columns and editorials, and now also a Swedish minister has joined the hecklers.  

The Swedish Assange prosecutor should read this

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In an article published on the Daily Beast, several of the detectives of the NYPD:s Special Victims Unit are interviewed regarding the Strauss-Kahn case. Obviously they will not speak about the case itself but they talk about their methods and experiences and here I find some interesting remarks that would be of interest for the Swedish police and prosecutor that handle the Assange case.
It was obvious that the detectives that heard the maid's accusations believed in her story and acted quick and efficient by arresting Strauss-Kahn who is now in house arrest in New York.  Note that it took the New York law enforcement hours to put Strauss-Kahn in arrest but months, and millions of Swedish kronor, for the Swedish law enforcement to arrest Assange.
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Assange - the man who kicked the HBT-nest

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Swedish Gay Police Force performing at Stockholm Pride.
Sponsored by Swedish Tax Payers. And no, I did not make this up!

Not so gay pissing-off the Swedish HBT- mafia (HBT stands for homosexual, bisexual and transsexual) , the Swedish gay police will come getcha!  Yes it's true, we have a gay police force in Sweden, check out their home page!  
Assange walked into and right over some central figures in the Swedish HBT-nest and he is certainly being punished for it.

Finally, Swedish MSM investigates the Assange case - and finds trouble

Today Expressen publishes an article not only in Swedish but also in English about the fact that one of the Assange accusers, Anna Ardin, knew the police woman that reported the initial claim. Expressen has without success tried to get hold of the prosecutor in the case. Let us hope that this will be the turning point for Swedish MSM's reporting of the Assange case. Even Dagens Nyheter has picked up these news.

Swedish rape debate before Assange - SvD took the men's side

In August 2009, a year before Assange came to Sweden and was accused of rape, there was a debate over two appealed rape convictions that had been upheaved by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's dismissal of the rape cases sent a clear signal to the Swedish legal system to not blindly trust the story of the accuser but also asks for solid evidence in rape cases, as is being done in other criminal cases so that innocent men would not be  thrown in jail and stigmatized based on one persons story and perceived reliability. The national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet wrote some articles on this new praxis for the prosecution on alleged rapists. The articles clearly took the accused men's side, one article was headlined "New praxis gives hope of acquittals"

Lars Lindström, Expressen on Assange

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Lars Lindström, Expressen

Yet another tabloid columnist prove his ignorance and Swedish naivite by writing an open letter to Assange inviting him to Sweden for a fair trial in the rape case. Obviously mr Lindström hopes for brownie points and a couple of free beers tonight from his colleagues when they hang out at one of the Stockholm hot spots for the inbred MSM media horde. The open letter in English is short, probably as short as his knowledge of the Assange case and the English language. I would like to correct mr Lindström on one point in the English letter, Naomi Klein who he mentions as a supporter of Assange has written a very good piece in Huffington Post on the US prosecution of Assange. I think mr Lindström refers to Naomi Wolf, an American liberal feminist who has come to Assange's defense several times. She has not been that impressive though and her appearance in a debate vs Jaclyn Friedman in Democracy Now! was embarrassing for her. She has herself accused a well renowned man for sexual harassment 20 years after it happened so I am not sure about Wolf's agenda in the Assange case.

Assange's extradition to Sweden - lost in translation?

The Assange case has so many interesting aspects, one of them is the language barrier, Swedish is a small language known by few and the English speaking world to whom Assange belongs is craving translations and tries to understand the Swedish legal system. Translating legal terms and thereby a legal system is difficult and I myself regret that there seem to be some issues with the terminology used in the EAW that causes misunderstandings and confusion now when Judge Riddle has decided that Assange will be extradited to Sweden. I agree with Riddle that the defense came up mostly with a lot of "fluff" and that it was a mistake to use retired legal professionals that had mostly made a lot of noise in Swedish networked media. Bjorn Hurtig appeared confused and not organised in London, and judge Riddle deemed him unreliable, I think Bjorn Hurtig should have been better prepared for his appearance in an English court, sometimes Swedish honesty and transparency can be considered ambiguity in other cultures. Anyways, the key legal issue is on which legal grounds the EAW was issued and why Marianne Ny is leading the preliminary investigation in the case.

Yes, Swedish women lie in court - and sometimes they do not get away with it

Assange will probably be extradited to Sweden and will face isolation in prison while being interrogated for rape, sexual molestation and coercion. He might even be tried in a District Court with a jury with members picked from political parties, he might even be convicted if there are enough jury men from Anna Ardin's party to decide on a conviction. However, he will stand a better chance in the Court of Appeal if convicted in the District Court.  I found two interesting cases referred in Dagens Juridik.

More misunderstandings in the Assange case

Tomorrow on February 24, 2010 Judge Riddle in the UK will decide if Assange will be extradited to Sweden. The Guardian is publishing an article quoting a Julian Knowles who "has written books about extraditions" claiming that "There is no doubt that a Swedish prosecutor does have the power to issue warrants....And the Swedish prosecutor has made it clear that Mr Assange is wanted for trial if he goes back. Unless he can demonstrate his innoncence before trial, he will be tried." Well, is this self proclaimed expert wrong - big time.
Shame on the Guardian to dig up such a twit to interview on this interesting case. Someone educated on basic law and the case itself can tell the Guardian that Assange is not going to trial in Sweden, he is being extradited to be heard on allegations made against him regarding sexual assaults. The preliminary investigation that will be used when the prosectutor decides if she will try the case in court or not cannot be finalized until the alleged perpetrator has been heard. The reason to why the Swedish prosecutor wants to hear Assange in Sweden, is that she can arrest him and put him on isolation in a Swedish prison until she has finished the preliminary investigation.  

My contribution to #prataomdet

The #assange case has opened my eyes to how tiny and stinky a duckpond media Sweden has become.
I was born on Gotland, a small, exotic island and a great place for sex, romantic extraordinaire and seductive, especially in the summer....I left my wonderful homeisland to work abroad and later moved to Uppsala for studies at the university. Uppsala in the mid 80's was the place to be as a student I think, it was still innocent but yet exciting for a young woman to explore herself and others in a suggestive environment, Cinderella balls at the Uppsala Castle, "fika" at Alma Mater in the old university building,  walking home from "gasques" at one of the many nations along the dark Fyrisån. And all the fantastic and beautiful people I met there, it was magic. I do not at all recognise the bitter and hostile "gender equality" movement I have glimpsed through the Assange case via one of the alleged victim's activities at the university. I am thinking a lot about the fact that a young women like her, growing up at the same place as I did, our fathers being friends actually, and then studying at the Uppsala University made her such an insecure and revengeful person. Most Gotlanders are actually quite self-confident and secure with themselves, I see few of us having to boost our self- esteem by playing with the penis of an intellectual superstar rather than actually picking his brain. Quite pathetic, in my mind, to brag about having sex with him instead of having talked about global issues all night long. But of course, I forgot, no sex - no option for rape accusations, as far as I know we haven't (yet) any laws against brain rape in Sweden.

Claes Borgström controls Expressen and Aftonbladet

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Yesterday one of the top stories of Aftonbladet and Expressen online was that Claes Borgström's sister, Annette Kullenberg had called two young and upcoming Swedish DJs for whores and compared them to male swines in their sexual behaviour. Today those news are gone from the online versions of the two national tabloids.  Obviously Borgström's sister's attitudes towards, "young girls" that Borgström prefers to call at least the accusers of #assange does not fit very well with Borgström's image as a feminist.  I wonder what Annette Kullenberg really thinks of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen? Dagens Media that originaly reported about the scandal and talked to Annette Kullenberg still has the news available though. This incident proves that we have a mafia in Sweden that controls and edits what the national newspapers publish. It also appears as if at least one of the national newspapers edited statements made by the Swedish Prime Minister on the #assange case, to correct his errors on the legal situation of the #assange case.  

Claes Borgström's sister on women's sexuality Claes Borgstrom's sister on women's sexuality

A picture named M2
Foto Aftonbladet

Annette Kullenberg, sister of Claes Borgstrom, who is the defender of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen in the #assange case expressed her views on two young women yesterday. Kullenberg was invited by the organisation Citypriset in Stockholm to award the winners, DJs and web-tv stars Rebecca and Fiona, she added some personal comments to the jury's motivations such as; "they have been whoring around the city", "they have slept with everyone on all quays." Annette Kullenberg also tells Dagens Media "One can say that they are the female versions of male swines, they have given the hoes a face. She also tells Dagens Media that the boyfriend of Rebecca left the show in anger and that it was otherwise a success as people laughed and applauded her jokes.
Well, I wasn't there but I would not call it a joke but a grave insult and has Borgstrom's sister been in the US she should have been sued for defamation before she could say ho. Unlike Swedish sex laws that only lawyers understand, this is a clear case of defamation and I do hope this woman is brought to justice for what she did to this young women.
It would be interesting to hear Annette Kullenberg's opinion on Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen!

Wall Street Journal did not translate Perklev correctly

As I mentioned in my previous blog post the Swedish Prosecutor General stated that  "the prosecutor must as far as possible proceed with the criminal investigation and when [my bold] there is enough  evidence, make a decision to prosecute." [Det innebär att en åklagare i princip är skyldig att så långt det är möjligt fullfölja en brottsutredning, och när det finns tillräcklig bevisning, fatta beslut om åtal. ]. Wall Street Journal publish this translation into English, which actually makes sense,but still this is not what Perklev states: "Perklev said Swedish prosecutors are obliged to pursue criminal investigations when there is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed." This would of course also be wrong because at the point when there is enough evidence the prosecutor shall make a decision on to charge or not to charge.  

Swedish Prime Minister goes feminazi on the #Assange case

As expected the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt didn't dare to speak up for legal justice but decided to support the feminazi side of the Assagne case; The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt talked to journalists today, according to Expressen Reinfeldt regrets the image of Sweden that is being spread during the London hearings of Assange. He says that "I can only regret that womens' rights are taken so lightly when it comes to this kind of questions compared to other types of theories that are presented." He also wants to emphasise that we have an independent,  judicial organ in Sweden and that this is about the legal security of women being at stake. "We cannot forget what's at risk here. It is the right for women to have their case tried, the find out whether they have been sexually abused or not. "
Well, Reinfeldt agrees with Social Democrat Claes Borgstrom that Swedes should have a lawyer present when they have sex, and does not address the real issues here. I am not impressed, he does not seem to get it!  

Swedish media unconscious in the #Assange case

Swedish journalists are either half asleep or busy #talkaboutit to produde any intelligent analysis whatsoever of the ongoing #Assange case. A dazed Karin Thurfjell at Svenska Dagbladet, once a respected national newspaper, finds that foreign and social media ridicule and smear the Swedish legal system, newsflash ms Thurfjell, Swedish journalists are being ridiculed as well. The Assange case has many interesting aspects, sexuality, gender equality, legal justice, cultural differences in a global world, language, cross cultural communications, feminism, Swedish laws vs the Swedes, is the Swedish legal body subject to political pressure?  Somehow, these subjects are not interesting enough or taboo for Swedish mainstream media.

#Assange, hearing in London a victory for Swedish social media

The hearings in the Assange extradition case in London today has been a rehash of what has been discussed mostly in blogs and other social media in Sweden. Some bloggers and other people that have expressed their opinions on the case have been presented as witnesses by the Assange side. Brita Sundberg-Weitman former  Associate Professor of Public International Law and former lawspeaker (title for president of the district court) has written some good articles about the Assange case on newsmill.se. Göran Rudling, who edits the blog samtycke.nu (consent now) has also been called to witness as he was the one who saved and noted the revenge manual posted by Anna Ardin on her blog. The site Flashback that contains more than 23 000 comments on the Assange case has certainly also served as an important source for the British legal team defending Assange. Yet again the social media does a much better job reporting on a case as well as mirror the public opinion about the case better than the Swedish old media that dropped the ball in the Assange coverage already on day 1.  

Leaks confirm weak rape case against Assange

The preliminary investigation report in the Assange rape case has been leaked and is available for anyone interested here. Only the fact that the preliminary investigation now is available to Julian Assange and the general public is a problem for the prosecutor, according to Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen's defense lawyer, Claes Borgstrom, quoted in the Guardian "It is important for the future investigation that the suspect himself does not know more than necessary before he is interrogated by the Swedish police"  
I read the report and found that it confirms that Marianne Ny has no witnesses and no forensic evidence that proves, beyond doubt, that Assange is guilty of any crimes.
The infamous condom appear to be a random condom brought to the police by Anna Ardin, the forensic evidence found on the condom cannot prove that it was even used by Assange and it cannot prove when and how it was ripped, additionally the National Swedish Laboratory of Forensic Science (SKL) is not even ackredited to perform the tests they did.
The witnesses confirm the general assumption now being made by many that the women went to the police to get back at Assange. Some serious question on how the case has been handled by the police is also highlighted in the report. Most of the report though is filled with non-relevant ramblings on irrelevant issues and clearly show that Sofia Wilen, who appears to be a sperm/germ fobic stalker, who should have been sent to a psychotherapist by the police. Witnesses also confirm that Anna Ardin behaved like nothing had happened after the alleged rape, and even wanted to "give" Assange to one of her friends and could not care less if Assange had sex with Sofia Wilen who she referred to as a "random girl". It is interesting to see the sudden change in Anna Ardin's attitudes towards Sofia Wilen when she realises she can use her to get back at Assange. And thanks to the corrupt Swedish police and Swedish media, Ardin and her friends within the police and media could frame Assange for rape.

Good article on newsmill.se about the Swedish media and WikiLeaks

The compact silence in Sweden about the Assange case and the US cables might according to professor emeritus Marcello Ferrada-Noli  be a result of the Swedish media ownership structures. Ferrada-Noli writes: "Some bloggers have speculated whether this phenomena of Swedish journalists neglecting to report - or avoiding to comment - highly relevant political issues [ which a) bear a tremendous impact for the international stature of Sweden, particularely among Third World nations b) are to the highest degree relevant to basic Swedish democratic institutions such as the Parliament and tangle a variety of constitutional issues, and c) entail infringements in the integrity and civil rights of the Swedish population], are a consequence of the monopolistic ownership of the main media in Sweden."

Svenska Dagbladet claims that Assange is on rape trial

The Swedish national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet considers itself the choice for well educated and intellectual readers. They do let their readers down, in my point of view by being so openly a part of the campaign against Julian Assange personally and WikiLeaks. Many in Sweden believe that the reason for Swedish mainstream media to not publish balanced and objective reports on the Assange case is due to the fact that Anna Ardin, one of the accusors has many friends among the Swedish media elite, and that their loyality is stronger towards one of their own than to the readers and general public. I do not know why Swedish media refuse to investigate into the Assange case or more into the Stockholm cables leaked by WikiLeaks.  Yesterday, Svenska Dagbladet published yet another negative article on Assange and WikiLeaks.

About men accused of rape in Sweden

On May 25, 2010 an article written by Rattssakerhetsorganisationen,(The Rights Organization, RO) was published on dagensjuridik.se a website and magazine for legal professionals in Sweden. The article is relevant to the Assange case and explains why I and many other bloggers and new media writers have been questioning the motives of Ardin and Wilen, I have translated the article into English:

Tough questions to Marianne Ny that Swedish mainstream media never dare to ask

Tomorrow, on January 11, there will be a hearing regarding the extradition of Julian Assange to Sweden. Eventhough Assange is a high profile person and the fact that the Prosecutor's Office and the police are leaking information that has been damaging to Assange's reputation, Marianne Ny has chosen to let the preliminary investigation take far to long a time and she has failed to in due time hear the suspect. Her handling of the case and the fact that the police and prosecutor's office are leaking such sensitive information as details about a sexual encounter between to people has caused damage also to the accusors.
Still Marianne Ny hides behind the practice in rape investigations to keep the investigation secret until it is time for a trial.
However, this is an extreme case, and Marianne Ny who is well aware on the fact that a big part of her investigation is published in international and Swedish media and that the speculations and also smearing of accusors and accused is getting worse for every day she delays making a decision on to charge Assange or not.
She should be much more forthcoming with information and she owes everyone involved and Swedish tax payer. to as a civil servant, explain the mistakes made and explain why the investigation takes such a long time and also explain why she cannot hear Assange on the phone or video conference.

#MooreandMe such nonsense

US bloggers, twitterers, night show hosts and feminists have  taken on the #Assange case and declared it a date rape, the accusing women, rape victims, and that we still live in a rape society. The accusors Ardin and Wilen are helpless victims, who without having a chance to defend themselves in media are described as tools of CIA, and hysterical and while the women are being smeared, Assange and his lawyers can speak freely.
Obviously most  of us that have followed the case from the beginning and have bothered to read all documents in the case in Swedish have another opinion about the women, the case and Assange's role. The exceptions are the feminists who have another agenda than many average Swedes who believe in legal justice and gender equality.
Let me give you  a background and some viewpoints from a Swedish woman, myself, who has followed the case for many reasons, one is that my family knows the Ardin family and I grew up on Gotland, went to the same high school and university as Anna Ardin and just cannot understand her behaviour and I think her actions have caused damage to the gender equality debate and progress. I just cannot understand why a feminist, professional, employed as press secretary and paid to coordinate Assange's visit in Sweden, would go to bed with him in the first place, then proudly indicate that she had a special relationship with him and at the same time tell her friends that he was the worst lover she had and later go to the police and accuse him of rape? Who is the victim here?
The Assange case has some interesting parallells to the biggest legal scandal in Swedish justice history, the Thomas Quick case.

New interesting statement made by Expressen

Well, Aftonbladet was first out in Sweden with the ripped condom story, and later Expressen of course made the assumption that SKL has proven with some tests that Assange ripped the condom apart on purpose, they claim they could prove it by examining the condom itself. Wow, SKL are even better than CSI Miami! Interestingly enough, the Expressen article brings up some new information in the case towards the end of the article the follwing: "Assange means that the sex was consensual and that he did not damage the condom. The woman is supposed to have been scared to death that she could have been infected by Assange, who is known for his many affairs with women, writes VG."  I have not seen it mentioned before that the woman who claimed that Assange ripped the condom on purpose, who is supposedly Anna Ardin, knew that Assange had a reputation of having many affairs.  If it is a well known fact that Assange has had many sex partners, it is even more surprising that no one but Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen has had come forward to accuse Assange of sexual assault. Or is this what Marianne Ny is hope for by allowing her investigators to continously leak information to media, to wait and hope that other women will come forward? Considering the fac that Marianne Ny, via aklagare.se claims that she knows nothing about the leaks and that she cannot do anything, is in reality orchestrating a leak strategy? Or maybe it is true what she is saying, she really does not know anything and she obviously does not seem to care.

More jealousy over Assange

It seems like the two British newspapers The Guardian and The Times have some jealousy issues over Assange, maybe they should contact Anna Ardin for a revenge manual?

WikiLeaks iOS app removed from App store by Apple

A picture named M2

Apple is also afraid of the big bad WikiLeaks and ousted the WikiLeaks App from their store.

So, now when the trial is on........

Marianne Ny's strategy to allow allegedly abused women think for a while in peace and quiet to realise what really happened has paid off.

In an interview with the tabloid Aftonbladet on August 21, the older woman (Anna Ardin) states the following: "It is completely wrong that we should be afraid of Assange and therefore did not dare to file a complaint, he is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him."

Today, on December 21, 4 months later, we read the following in Aftonbladet: "Assange was violent and rough. I just wanted to ask him to stop, sais the older woman (Anna Ardin) during an interrogation."  

Marianne Ny has lost control over the Assange case

Marianne Ny is failing the Swedish legal justice in many ways in her handling of the Assange case. Due to her agenda of delaying the interrogation of Assange, the trial is now being held in media who seems to be very well informed about the investigation, the latest is the testresults from of a condom that appears to be ripped apart and should be considered support of Anna Ardin's claims that Assange did something with the condom. The key question here is how the crime scene was investigated and how the condom was collected. We know that Anna Ardin filed her complaint ten days after the alleged assault, where was the condom? Who collected it and who sent it to SKL, the Swedish lab. Can the lab decide when the condom was ripped open? The more information that leaks from this case, the bizarre it gets. Also the statements from the women such as "I wished he would stop" supports Assange's statements that everything they did was with full consent.  

The Assange case is a backlash for women professionals

Swedish investigators are leaking information from the Assange case investigation and parts of it was selected for publication by the Guardian over the weekend. It is unkown how the interviews have been documented, if it is notes selected and handwritten by the police or is it tape or video recorded. Anyways, the claims comes from accusors. Reading it it becomes crystal clear that while Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen had a lot on their minds, there is not evidence that they communicated it to Assange. This is a case that might go to trial and send someone to prison and there is no room for "read between the lines" or the iceberg principle where Assange should have interpreted a snarky comment, a Bergmanesque sigh, an expression (in Swenglish) or a smile in a certain way. The campaign #talkaboutit that Swedish media seem to love is rubbish and is taking focus from what this case is about. It is about legal justice and it is also about professional ethics.  

Marianne Ny a threat to Swedish legal justice

The Assange case has really made it very clear on who is in charge of Swedish legal justice and how skewed it is. It must be so, that the radical feminists, they do not have to be women, are in charge and do not only control the justice system but also Swedish mainstream media.
 A year before Assange was first accused of rape, prosecutor Rolf Hillegren was bashed by the radical feminists for having said the following "When you talk about rape you think mostly about horrible rapes. But when a man and a woman that know each other and the woman sais that she does not feel like it today, but the man still goes ahead. Of course it is unfair, but probably not worth two years in prison. It looks more like a minor offense." Rolf Hillegren later changed his first statement to the following: "I shouldn't have used the term 'minor offense' but I stand by my opinion. That having sex against someones will is an excellent social rule that is better suited for the etiquette books than the law books......I want to say that my view on rape crimes does not differ much from my colleagues views." The statements caused a media storm and prosecutor Rolf Hillegren was not allowed to handle any sex crimes until he retired this year. He was slashed by radical feminists that were given plenty of attention by mainstream media. Former legal professor Madeleine Leijonhufvud wrote the following in Svenska Dagbladet:

The latest news from Marianne Ny

The latest from aklagare.se  

"At a hearing on Thursday 16 December, The High Court in London decided that Julian Assange should be granted bail. From the Swedish prosecutor’s perspective, the decision does not change the state of the case itself.

- As I have already stated I cannot, at the moment, provide information concerning the development of the matter. The question concerning surrender is handled by British authorities, says Director of Prosecution Ms. Marianne Ny.
listings for Administrative Court and Divisional Courts RCJ

Assange granted bail again

Assange was granted bail again and can soon be out of prison. The Crown Prosecution Service has also clarified that they acted in the behalf of the Swedish prosecutor, which makes sense. The confusion around who actually made the appeal was caused by Marianne Ny who claimed that she had nothing to do with the appeal, she could have explained it the same way as below to avoid misunderstandings:
"The decision to challenge Assange's bail was taken by British state prosecutors acting on behalf of the Swedish authorities, but they were forced to defend this decision after the Swedes said they had not been consulted....The Crown Prosecution Service acts here as agents of the government seeking extradition, in this case the Swedish government," Britain's chief state prosecutor Keir Starmer told BBC radio on Thursday....A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service added that it was common in extradition cases for British lawyers to take decisions on the course of action to be followed without consulting the country which issued the arrest warrant."

Anna Ardin made a "Tony Hayward statement"

Julian Assange is  jail and treated like a criminal after having been manhunted by Marianne Ny who obviously has endless resources in her quest to make sure Assange stays behind bars, guilty or not does not seem to matter to her  Everytime he goes to court in yet another bizarre turn of events he has to withstand huge media interest and his looks and moves are analyzed all over the world. One of the accusors obviously feels very sorry for herself and has, in my point of view made a statement to be compared to when BPs former exec Tony Hayward said he wanted his life back in the midst of the oil spill catastrophy. Anna Ardin twittered the following some days ago: "Är så less på allt som händer, tar det aldrig slut? Vill iallafall meddela teoretikerna att "den andra" var lika mycket drivande. In English "I'm sick and tired of everything going on, does it never end? Anyways, I would like to let the theoretics know that "the other" pushing for it as much as I did."
Well, she had one week to consider if she had been raped or not and she has had yet another four months to think about it, and she is not behind bars and free to do what she wants to, poor rich girl!

Thank you Eric for sharing the info on Anna Ardin's twitter, and thank you all of you "diggers" that have sent me more interesting information on this case! It is really helpful and keep on sending more info, everything is considered and checked out.

Problems with Swedish prosecutors

Swedish prosecutors and the system that empowers them have been questioned before. Many innocent Swedes have been abused by prosecutors that does not have to answer to anyone. I have translated a comment to a very interesting article called "Stop the prosecutors running amok", written by the Swedish lawyer Per E Samuelson about Swedish prosecutors, but first read this comment to the article (note that it is published on May 19, 2009, translated into English:

Did Marianne Ny have the right to take on the Assange case as a prosecutor?

A picture named M2
Many of us that is following the Assange case have realised that Marianne Ny has very little on Assange and that her agenda is to get him to Sweden without having Assange, his lawyers or the British legal system review her evidence in the case. She does not want to give Assange the chance to meet the allegations made by her as it would make her case fall apart and then she could not indict him in Sweden. She has told media at several occassions that it is no point for her to interrogate Assange in England, as she would not be able to immediately indict him there. Due to open holes in the Swedish legal system, a prosecutor can actually put a Swedish or foreign citizen in the bizarre situation Assange is in now.  Or is Marianne Ny really a prosecutor at this point or is she just trying out her personal theories concerning Swedish law?

Swedish prosecutor claims the Brits made the appeal

The infamous Director of Communications at the Swedish Prosecutor's Office, Karin Rosander, told the tabloid Aftonbladet today that the Swedish prosecutor was not involved in the appeal. Supposedly it was the British authorities that made the appeal. So are the Brits fighting each other or is Karin Rosander lying?

Mistakes made during the initial interrogations of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen

I found a very interesting blog about the Assange case, it is very well written about the initial interrogations of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen, the interrogations that started the bizarre Assange case. The blog is in Swedish and I have not translated the complete blog but selected the parts I find most interesting. Swedish grassroots are digging into this case and they try to do what Swedish authorities and media should have done a long time ago. The actions of Marianne Ny is causing as much dismay amongst many Swedes as it does abroad and Sweden and Swedes are so much better than Marianne Ny, Anna Ardin, Sofia Wilen, Claes Borgstrom and other dingbats involved in pushing this case to absurdity.  Here are some interesting facts, presented by a Swedish blogger, translated into English, pls consider it "rush translation":

The latest from Marianne Ny

Aklagare.se was down last night but this morning I could read the following interesting news from Marianne Ny: "Westminster Magistrates Court i London beslutated på tisdagen att Julian Assange ska släppas fri mot borgen. Beslutet överklagades av den brittiska åklagaren. Som jag meddelade tidigare kan jag för närvarande inte lämna någon information om vad som händer i utredningen. Ärendet handläggs nu av brittiska myndigheter."
In English
"Westminster Magistrates Court decided last Tuesday to release Assange on bail. The decision was appealed by the British prosecutor. As I have said before I can currently not give any information about the investigation. The case is now handled by British authorities."

Shame on Dagens Nyheter!

I was relaxing with a small but hot and spicy glass of glogg after having been out taking care of the animals in the freezing cold. I checked out Dagens Nyheter's homepage and was happy to see that they seemed to have made an effort to write a little bit about the Assange case, something the Swedish national newspapers as well as the state television does avoid, they are very loyal to the authorities in this case. I was gobsmacked when I read the following ingress to the article, translated into English:

More questions

I was reading the cover of todays' court hearing in Aftonbladet. There the following statement by the representative of the chief prosecutor is made, in Swedish "Det har fattats ett beslut i Sverige att åtala den tilltalade, det beslutet fattades efter det datum Assange förhördes." Now this is the way it was published in Aftonbladet and they might have made mistakes in the translation, in English it is "A decision has been made in Sweden to charge the accused, the decision was made after the date Assange was interrogated." It would be interesting to find out what was said in court. as there is a difference between being heard on accusations of rape and being charged with rape. The Swedish news agency TT, claims in this short news update that "Sverige vill ha honom utlämnad for rättegang har."  in English "Sweden wants him extradited for a trial here." which would indicate that Assange has been charged for rape. Confusing indeed and Marianne Ny does nothing to clarify the mess.  

Clarification on the statement from the Swedish prosecutor

Obviously the Swedish prosecutor had two hours to appeal the court decision to let Assange free on bail. She did not appeal, at this point I do not know why. The following somewhat confusing message was published some minutes ago on aklagare.se:

"Short comment from chief prosecutor Marianne Ny. The Westminster Magistrate Court in London decided today that Assange will be released on bail. - As I have said earlier, I cannot at this point give any information about the investigation. The case is handled by the British authoritties, sais Marianne Ny. Marianne Ny has no more comment in this matter."
 I think she did not have time to get her appeal translated into English.
Now, considering that the Swedish prosecutor does have problems expressing herself in the English language, it appears that the statement made at the court hearings today "She claims that he then would get access to details of the investigation that he should not know until he is charged." This statement reveals that Marianne Ny, already before she has heard Assange, is intending to charge Assange for rape, however she has not yet charged him. Once he is charged parts of the investigation will become public. The extradition is still about Assange being interrogated about the accusations.

Assange out on bail

Good news, that the British court didn't buy the Swedish nonsense. I guess they didn't even bother to wait for the translations of the Swedish documents. Next hearing is January 11. Until then maybe the Swedish prosecutor's office can hire a translator, oh well, maybe no, it is Christmas Holidays in Sweden soon so I guess they will not have time....

More stupidities from the Swedish prosecutor

The Swedish prosecutor refuses to tell the court which evidence she has against Assange. She claims that he then would get access to details of the investigation that he should not know until he is charged.
"The court shall consider that the women that made the accusations and describe two identical incidents very close in time. This is what the court should look at," sais the prosecutor.
An extradition is about trust between different countries authorities. Therefore we shall not have to show the Swedish prosecutor's evidence. It is not up to this court to validate the evidende. Therefore the court should also not consider Hurtig's opinions about the Swedish evidence", the prosecutor continued.

Well, we all know that the two accusors walked into the police station together after having had several phone contacts and no one knows how many meetings about their experiences with Assange, so why would their stories not support each other?
Very weak case and stupid arguments, this in view of the latest freedom, open society, democracy speech made by the Swedish Prime Minister on the latest terrorist attack in Sweden.


Please no more embarrassments now!

This came in from Aftonbladet (translated from Swedish into English: "Prosecutor Gemma Lindfielf who represents the Swedish prosecutor: "The Swedish prosecutor has not had good enough English so the correspondance  between the Swedish defence lawyer Hurtig and the Swedish prosecutor we got at exactly 12 pm today, must be translated from Swedish." Unbelievably, is this a conspiracy or just plain incompetence?

Michael Moore gives his support to Assange

Today Michal Moore announced on DailyKos that he gives his support to Assange, he will put up bail money and he also gives Assange his moral support. He writes the following about the Swedish rape case "For those of you who think it's wrong to support Julian Assange because of the sexual assault allegations he's being held for, all I ask is that you not be naive about how the government works when it decides to go after its prey. Please - - never, ever belive "the official story". And regardless of Assange's guilt or innocence (see the strange nature of the allegations here), this man has the right to have bail posted and to defend himself. I have joined with filmmakers Ken Loach and John Pilger and writer Jemima Khan in putting up the bail money - - and we hope the judge will accept this and grant his release today."
I guess the Swedish rep for the Parliament, interviewed by NPR,  will get even more depressed when she reads this......

NPR got it wrong about the Swedes

While having a hot and big latte this cold, cold morning I listened to NPR Morning Edition and must say that I found they did not really reflect what the Swedes think about the Assange case. They had interviewed some Swedes as Assange today is going back to court in England to fight his extradition to Sweden for questioning regarding a sexual assault accusations. NPR referred to Assange's English lawyer, Mark Stephens who pointed out that Assange is not charged with any crime he is only wanted for questioning. Stephens also pointed out that "Every prosecutor around the world will tell you that is is an obligation and particularely in Sweden, that you tell a person who is going to be questioned what the nature of the allegations are and what the evidence is against them. But until now they haven't told us." NPR goes on to ask some Swedes about the case.

More crazyness from Claes Borgstrom - where is Bjorn Hurtig hiding?

The accusors lawyer Claes Borgstrom continues with his bizarre statements on the Assange case. I think it is time for Assanges' Swedish defense lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig,  to make a statement concerning the absurdity of what Borgstrom wants from Assange. Nota bene that it was Borgstrom together with his old friend Marianne Ny, that reopened the rape case, delayed the investigation, refused to hear Assange when he was in Sweden, and thereby is causing the problems for Borgstroms' clients. Today Expressen has published yet another interview with Borgstrom, who sounds more desperate today than he did yesterday:  

Swedish big media - stupid or wimpy

I checked out the online versions of national newspapers Dagens Nyheter, DN and Svenska Dagbladet, SvD, as well as tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet when I had my morning latte (homemade from Swedish coffee). DN and SvD focus on the procedures for a possible extradition of Assange from Sweden to the USA, while Aftonbladet and Expressen published chronicles about the Assange case that made it clear that these tabloids do not understand why people like me are upset about this case. I do not think that all four editors of the newspapers are equally stupid, I want to point out though that it was a big mistake by Aftonbladet to discontinue their agreement with Assange to write a bi-monthly column in their paper, Aftonbladet made a decision to not allow Assagne to write columns as long as he was suspected for a crime, well, I would have rather read a column written by a brilliant man, than the crap that was published today by columnist Oisin Cantwell.

Women against rape in the UK questions Marianne Ny

Women against rape questions the motives behind the unusual zeal with which Marianne Ny has pursued Assange for the alleged sexual assaults in Sweden. They point out what many are questioning now the fact that Assange has not been charged in Sweden and that Sweden has a poor record of how they treat alleged sexual assaults. They also put words on what so many suspect is the real case here; "There is a long tradition of the use of rape and sexual assault for political agendas that have nothing to do with women's safety." Well said and oh so true!
Read the article in the Guardian.

Glenn Beck on Assange

Swedes on the Assange case

Today Claes Borgstrom claimed that English lawyers had no business to be critical to the Swedish legal system as they didn't know the system. Of course they and others have the right to be critical and it is not only the average Swede that is concerned and does not understand the handling of the Assange case in Sweden. Associate Professor of Public International Law and former lawspeaker (title for president of the district court) Brita Sundeberg-Weitman has written an interesting article about the Assange case on Newsmill.se. It is written in Swedish so have a selected some paragraphs and translated into English so that you can see that it is not only international media and English lawyers that are concerned and critical to the prosecutor and Swedish legal justice.  

More from an increasingly confusing Borgstrom

Claes Borgstrom held a press conference in his office where he had police protection due to unspecified threats, his homepage has been down and now he talks about his clients and their relationship with Assange. He seems to be confused and obviously does not see the whole picture. Here is what he said, I have translated parts of it into English:

No news from the prosecutor but the accusors are on public trial

No one is surprised to yet again find a message on aklagare.se where Marianne Ny does not want to tell anything about her case and now does not know when she can talk to Assange as the British authorities are now handeling the arrest order. Wow, this women sure does now how to get paid without lifting a finger. Well, people are tired of waiting for this Swedish clown of a prosecutor and the trial against Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen is already taking place on different discussion boards, these two groupies, especially Anna Ardin have left digital trails that they tried to erase, these trails and their behaviour after the alleged rapes and molestations make it difficult for many to understand how they can be victims of violent, sexual crimes that normally are traumatising and shocking to the real victims. The fact that the Swedish prosecutor has not been able to get the case in front of a court has led to the public opinion that Assange is the real victim and that the groupies are the criminals. The defense lawyer of the women, Claes Borgstrom is now defending his clients via press releases where he tries to defend their actions. I think it is to late though. Today he was again talking via the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet:

Smart people about WikiLeaks

The release of the US Embassy cables really made the world go mad, especially the USA. Reporters without Borders has done a very good summary of the situation it includes this important reminder to those who blindly tries to stop WikiLeaks and Assange with any means: "This is the first time we have seen an attempt at the international community level to censor a website dedicated to the principle of transparency. We are shocked to find countries such as France and the United States suddenly bringing their policies on freedom of expression into line with those of China. We point out that in France and the United States, it is up to the courts, not politicians, to decide whether or not a website should be closed."

aklagare.se is down

It seems like someone else got tired of the nonsense published on aklagare.se, the Swedish Prosecutor's Offices' homepage it is down now. It might be Operation Payback that is behind it.

Finally we get information about the allegations

Thanks to the official hearing in the Westminster Magistral Court we know now what Assange is accused of, we do not know though if the accusers have any proof of their claims:
From the Guardian, that does an excellent job on covering this story.

"Gemma Lindfield, for the Swedish authorities, told the court Assange was wanted in connection with four allegations.

She said the first complainant, Miss A, said she was victim of "unlawful coercion" on the night of 14 August in Stockholm.

The court heard Assange is accused of using his body weight to hold her down in a sexual manner.

The second charge alleged Assange "sexually molested" Miss A by having sex with her without a condom when it was her "express wish" one should be used.

The third charge claimed Assange "deliberately molested" Miss A on 18 August "in a way designed to violate her sexual integrity".

The fourth charge accused Assange of having sex with a second woman, Miss W, on 17 August without a condom while she was asleep at her Stockholm home."

It seems like either ms Lindfeld, the Swedish Chief Prosecutor, or the Guardian got it wrong on the fourth charge as it must have taken place in Sofia Wilen's Enkoping home.

More crazyness from Swedish prosecutor

Marianne Ny announces a press conference on aklagare.se it is held in 45 minutes in Gothenburg so those of you that want to ask her questions better hurry to Gothenburg, but wait, there is more, the message states that eventhough she calls to a press conference there is no new information she can share, really... Here is the translation of the third masterpiece produced by Karin Rosenlund:

Claes Borgstrom claims his clients are innocent victims

and no one believes him. Claes Borgstrom is given room in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter to defend the tainted honor of his clients. No critical questions asked from the newspaper about the revenge agenda, the online bragging and other not so innocent behaviour of the "young women". Well, they acted as groupies and they are old enough to know what they are doing. I have translated the press release that Dagens Nyheter published here:

What we know about the arrest of Assange

Eventhough Chief Prosecutor does what she can to not publish any facts in the case she now has investigated for four months we do know on what basis the original arrest was made. The police report was logged into the system
at 4.11 pm, August 20, the prosecutor, Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand (married to a legal advisor to Beatrice Ask current Minister of Justice) files the arrest order at 5pm. The hearing of the woman who claimed that she was assaulted by Assange commenced on 4.21 pm and ended 6.40 pm, in other words one hour and forty minutes after the arrest order was issued. The question is what information and facts the prosecutor based the arrest order on? Less than 24 hours later on
August 21 Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne decided that there was no grounds for suspecting Assange of rape, only sexual molestation, she said "I do not believe there is any reason to suspect him of rape ".
August 25 Eva Finne  stated that she would open an investigation into a possible molestation but that there are no suspicions about rape.
August 27, Claes Borgstrom the lawyer hired by Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen appeals Eva Finne's decision and requests that Assange is charged with two cases of rape one against Anna Ardin and one against Sofia Wilen.
September 1, Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny decides to reopen the rape case against Sofia Wilen.  

Stupid reads on the Swedish Prosecutor's Offices' homepage

Karin Rosenlund, the Director of Communications of the Swedish Prosecutors Office must have the easiest job indeed, today she produced the following news releases on the official web, the first one stated "The Assange case, December 7, Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny can not leave any comments at this point." followed by this message "The Assange case, December 7, Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny will comment on the case today."
Who is interested in this stupid nonsense. If you have nothing to say, then say nothing. I do hope the Brits will dig and publish in this case and expose the Chief Prosecutor and Swedish justice for what it is, a farce, unfortunately with real victims.  

Assange accused of lying by Claes Borgstrom

Former Gender Equality Minister and current defense lawyer for Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen today accused Assange of lying. Claes Borgstrom told Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet that Assange knows what the allegations are about and that Assange is lying when he sais that the rape allegations and arrest is connected to WikiLeaks, CIA and USA. At the same time Assange's British lawyers claim that in breach with European human rights laws, Assange has not yet seen the allegations in a language he can understand. Assange is now arrested in the UK and we can only hope that from now on the process will be more transparent than it has been in Sweden. Some interesting questions I have is exactly when and how did Anna Ardin and Sofia Wile find out that they had been sexually molested and raped? It has been said that in some cases only a prosecutor or lawyer can tell if a rape has taken place as the laws in this area are complicated. Another question I have is if Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen could have withdrawn their allegations at some point, if not who is in control of the process now? The case must depend on Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen cooperating with the prosecutor and police. It might take up to 90 days before Assange is extradited to Sweden if he decides to fight the rape allegation in the UK. It seems like his British lawyers are very competent and very forthcoming when it comes to this case and that Assange has a better chance with them by his side than Bjorn Hurtig who in my mind seems a little bit afraid and or incompetent to fully take his clients side in this matter. I am not surprised at all as Swedes always have been keen to be on good terms with the USA.    

Anna Ardin, Assanges accuser now living with Palestinians

Anna Ardin who is accusing Assange of sexual molestation does not seem to suffer from the alleged "crime" she was the victim of. While Assange is trying to avoid being extradited to hostile nations such as USA, Anna Ardin enjoy her days in the village Yanoun on the Westbank. She is there as a part of a program to protect Palestinians from being harassed by Israeli settlers. Anna Ardin also mentions on her blog that she is not studying Arabic. Maybe CIA sent her there to set up a gigantic honey trap against the Palestinians after her successful first mission with Assange?

Assange has agreed to meet with British police

A picture named M2
Sofia Wilen, one of the Assange accusers.

The Guardian reports that Assange via his lawyers had agreed to meet with British police for an interview. Assange strongly denies the alleged rape and molestations made by Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny. Assange needs to be careful not to be taken into custody in Sweden as Marianne Ny first told Swedish state television yesterday that Assange can be extradited to the USA, but today told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that he could not be extradited to the USA. So one should be careful with Swedish authorities who does not seem to know what they are doing or saying one day from another. For those of us who can read Swedish it is pretty obvious reading the law text published on the Prosecutor's Offices' own web site that Assange can be extradited to countries outside the European Union. And rest assured that the attorney general in the USA is going to ask for extradition of Assange as he will be accused of terrorism.

Time for Marianne Ny to close the rape case - or admit she followed a political agenda

Why cannot Marianne Ny approve a video hearing of Assange? Telephone and video interviews are approved methods by Swedish courts.Is it not against the principle of proportionality to issue an international arrest order for a person that has offered several times, on site, as well as via approved channels, to answer the questions from the police and the prosecutor?  In August, Assanges then appointed defense lawyer, Leif Silbersky, told the media that is was against the law to arrest a person based on merely heresay from another person. It seems like no one followed up on this statement, where are the investigating journalists, where are the democratic control mechanisms and where is the protests from Swedish organisations against this state sponsored man hunt based on very, loose and shady grounds.
In my opinion, JO, should without delay, look into Marianne Ny's investigation of this case, I will say it again, this case takes maximum a week to solve and should have been closed and archived three months ago. Unless Marianne Ny can produce something of substance, and she should be made to do so, she should have to dismiss the accusations and  close the case.  Where are the whistlebowers at the Prosecutor's Office and within the police, they were there when Expressen called them to confirm that it was Assange that was wanted for rape. And obviously neither the police nor the Prosecutor's Office have been able to identify the source of the leak, so it cannot be that big of a risk to leak from the current investigation. Or is it so that certain information is approved to leak?

Marianne Ny confirmed that Sweden might extradite Assange to the USA

Marianne Ny confirmed in a telephone interview with the Swedish Television news yesterday that Assange might be extradited to the US from Sweden. Marianne Ny also confirmed that she might not have a case against Assange and that a future trial might lead to Assange being cleared of all accusations. She further admits that she has not much to comment on the case as Assange's version of the alleged rape is not known as no one from the prosecutor's office has heard him in this case. She has no explanation on what she has been investigated in the case for the last four months and why Assange was not heard while he was still in Sweden or why she allowed him to leave the country.
It is obvious that Marianne Ny has a political agenda to follow and is a real danger to Assange. She will make sure to follow Sarah Palin's advice to hunt him down and once he is caught he will be express delivered to the USA.

Who is afraid of Assange?

Everyone it seems, journalists, governments, authorities and corporations (including media corporations) alike. The actions of Assange and WikiLeaks is proof to the citizens that we need to understand that over the years we have all become victims of a well-oiled and superfunded propaganda machine that keeps more and more secrets to make sure the web of capital and power is not ripped. The lack of support from especially Swedish media to the outrageous and bizarre workings of Marianne Ny is a shame for Swedish investigative journalism, you are all a buch of fegisar (cowards).
While the Swedish legal experts and so called journalists are hiding their heads in the sand, others are at work:

New witnesses in the Assange case

Assanges Swedish defense lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, has presented two witnesses he wants to be heard as a part of the investigation of the rape case. Hurtig is also surprised that the Hogsta Domstolen did not try the case especially the fact that Marianne Ny does not accept to hear Assange via phone or videolink, as many Swedish courts today use phone and video for hearings in order to save money. It would actually be interesting to know why Marianne Ny does not accept to hear Assange via phone or video link.

What is at stake in the Assange trial?

Needless to say, the Assange rape case has become a prestige case for Marianne Ny, the Chief prosecutor who has been sitting on the case for more than three months now and made it impossible for herself and the Swedish state to throw the case out. She will have to follow through and the only way for her to save, at least face, is to make sure Assange in sentenced to jail for rape. Marianne Ny will do whatever it takes to put Assange behind bars. Marianne Ny and the Swedish police will bring Assange into custody once he arrives in Sweden, normally it would be Kronobergshaktet in Stockholm but they will have to take into consideration that there have been several death threats made against Assange so they will have to make sure he is protected from fatal attacks. It would be devastating for Swedish law enforcement and legal system if they brought Assange in for questioning in a juridical rape that did not take place in anyones bed but in the heads of radical female prosecutors. The fact that Assange will be exposed at a time when several organisations are wanting him dead, puts him at big risk, especially in a country where our prime minister was show to death in an open street walking home from the movies and our foreign minister was stabbed to death while shopping in a high end boutique in Stockholm. I do not think Assange is safe in the hands of the provincial and naive Swedish police.

Updates on the Swedish justice soap opera

I read in Aftonbladet this morning that British police could not arrest Assange on a known address due to errors in the international arrest order issued by prosecutor Marianne Ny and the Swedish police. At the same time Högsta Domstolen denied to process Assanges appeal so he will remain on Interpols wanted list. I suspect that Marianne Ny not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, it has taken her more than three months fo figure out a case built on a three people having sex that would normally take some interviews and the production of a written sentence. Any competent person would produce such result in less than a week.

Swedish Justice 2010

Who does the Swedish legal system protect, 14-year-old Rosanna (fictive name) from Malmo who was sold to more than 100 men, or highly educated, successful Sofia 28 years old, from Enkoping and Anna, 31, from Stockholm, who claim they were molested and raped by a man they invited to their homes, a man they had consensual sex with and the condom broke. The man whose condom broke is on Interpol’s most wanted list. One hundred men, who bought sex with a Swedish, mildly retarded 14-year-old, are walking free.  

Svea Court of Appeal postpones decision in the Assange case

A picture named M2
Svea Court of Appeal, Stockholm,  was supposed to make a decision on the appeal concerning the arrest warrant made by Assanges' defense lawyer last Thursday. The Court of Appeal has asked Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny for additional documentation and she has until Wednesday to reply.  Assanges's Swedish defense lawyer, Bjorn Hurtigs, thinks that this indicates a weakness in Marinne Ny's decision and hopes that the fact that the Court of Appeal asks for additional information is a good sign for Assanges' case.  

Another alleged rapist victim comes to Assanges' defense

Read this article written by a victim of the Swedish "rape justice" William Butt. It is an excellent explanation of how the Swedish legal system works when it comes to rape allegations, written by a man who had his career and life destroyed by rape allegations.
About the writer, "In the 1980's William Butt was one of the country's most celebrated show business personalities. In 1993 his career came to a sudden halt when he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for alleged rapes against 9 women. Butt has always vehemently maintained his innocence, blaming a media witch-hunt and flaws in the Swedish legal system for his wrongful incarceration. His claims have gained total support from several of Sweden's top legal experts including two Supreme Court Judges and some of the county's most influential politicians and journalists."

Read the article here: http://www.newsmill.se/artikel/2010/11/21/william-butt-free-assange  

Svea Hovratt might save Assange and Sweden from further embarrassment

Assange will appeal the arrest order in  Svea Hovratt, Assanges' defense lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, has sent an appeal as the Swedish police is preparing a warrant for Assanges' arrest to be sent to Interpol. Bjorn Hurtig claims that Assange has been cooperating with the prosecutor during his stay in Sweden and that Bjorn Hurtig called Marianne Ny, the prosecutor, and asked her if it was ok for Assange to leave Sweden during the ongoing investigation. According to Hurtig, the prosecutor had no objections to Assange leaving the country. One must also consider the fact that Assange arrived in Sweden on August 14 and entered the country on a tourist visa, which means that it would have been illegal for him to stay in Sweden after November 14. Considering all the time prosecutor Ny has spent investigating this case, one would think that she should have been informed about the fact that Assange had to leave Sweden by November 14. Maybe she knew though, and waited for Assange visa to expire before she finally decided that she need to talk to him so urgently so that now she is not only wasting Swedish tax payers money, but also the resources of Interpol, who I think have better things to do than being involved in a  fundamentlist feminist terror activity against an Australian citizen. Let us hope that Svea Hovratt does the right thing and ends this man hunt now.

Statement from Assange

"The only way the accused and his lawyers have been able to discover any substantive information regarding the investigation against him has been through the media. Over the last three months, despite numerous demands, neither Mr. Assange, nor his legal counsel has received a single word in writing from the Swedish authorities relating to the allegations; a clear contravention to Article 6 of the European Convention, which states that every accused must “be informed promptly, in a language which he understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the accusation against him”. The actions by the Swedish authorities constitute a blatant and deliberate disregard for his rights under the Convention."
from Statement by Julian Assange's counsel Mark Stephens: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/71l2t1  

Fourth female prosecutor assigned to the Ridicaselous hearing

The fourth female prosecutor, Erika Lejnefors,  has been assigned to lead the hearing today in the Assange rape case. I am not surprised, any decent Swedish man would feel very uncomfortable to lead this case, as they know that they can be the object for the same prosecution any day by blood thirsty females hunting in packs. Chinese citizens have already been warned from visiting Sweden due to the increase in violence towards Asians in Sweden. I would suggest that men avoid to visit Sweden unless it cannot be avoided, if you visit Sweden, stay away from women!!!!

Marianne Ny's ridicaselious allegations

After three months of looking under each possible stone, Marianne Ny has decided to detain Julian Assange in his absence, she is accusing him of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. Marianne Ny claims that she has not been able to meet with mr Assange for interrigation. Later today Marianne Ny will be available to answer questions in this matter.
Let us hope now that Assange chose the best possible lawyer to defend him in this case. Ridicaselious I would call it and a shame for Swedish legal justice. Hopefully we will now get to now all details in the case and I do hope the prosecutors case will be picked apart by Assange's defense lawyer Bjorn Hurtig.

Another case of incompetence or cover up from Swedish authorities

In 1999 the US President Bill Clinton initiated a higher level of surveillance to protect US Embassies abroad, the so called Suvreillance Detection Units, SDUs where supposed to, in cooperation with each countries authorities, detect any suspicious activities on and around the US embassies. It has lately been reveiled in Norway that this surveillance included detailed personal data on people that had been photographed in the surroundings of the US embassy. The Norwegian police had helped the US embassy with data on request for certain people.
Now the Swedish Secret Police, SAPO, claims that they had no idea that the US embassy was collecting personal and protected data on Swedes. Either the SAPO or the US embassies are lying in this case. Most embarrassing of course is it for SAPO whose job is to protect Swedes and Sweden to either a) had no idea that a  foreign government was spying on Swedes and obtained classified data on Swedes or b) lied about them cooperating with a foreign government collecting classified data on Swedes.
What is the problem of Swedish authorities, incompetence or corruption, in this case, as well as the Assange case it is either or and heads should start rolling.

The prosecutor farce goes on - Assange is turning his back on Sweden

Again, the Prosecutor's office publishes an update on their web site, probably after having read the news that Assange will sue the State of Sweden. The message is more or less a copy and paste of the prior messages, the investigation is ongoing, it is not possible to disclose any details of the investigation, we do not know when a decision can be made in this matter.
Isn't it time that someone else take charge of this investigation now, how can Marianne Ny be allowed to sit on this investigation. Either she is incompetent for her job or someone has told her to delay her decision, in that case she has faulted her mission as a prosecutor.
Why is Swedish media not looking into this matter, they would find either corruption or incompetence in our juridical system that in the end threatens the legal justice not only for Julian Assange but also for every Swedish citizen. Where are the whistleblowers of the Prosecutor's Office?

Assange is planning a law suit against the State of Sweden

Julian Assange tells Svenska Dagbladet today that he has been recommended by several lawyers to sue the Swedish state for defamation and smearing of his reputation by accusing him of rape and sexual molestation. The Swedish prosecutor's office has not yet decided if Assange shall be accused of rape and sexual molestation, by todays' date Assange has neither been convicted nor cleared of accusations. Assange further claims that he is very disappointed in the way Swedish authorities have managed his case. I think at this point few would oppose Assange as the Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny has taken much longer time than she needs to make a decision in this case. It is not complicated as she has to look into the accusations of two women as she, according to Assange has not bothered to contact him for his version neither has she given Assange or his lawyer any legal documents about the status of the case. Marianne Ny commenced her investigation on September 1. Considering the severity of the case it is very difficult to understand the rationale of Marianne Ny to take more than two months to investigate the story of two women. Hopefully, Marianne Ny herself will be investigated once she has published her decision as she to many seem not to be competent to do her job and she must already have made several grave mistakes.
It is the best thing that could happen that Assange now allow lawyers to look into this case and shine some light on what has been going on, or not for the last two months. I bet, that Swedish tax payers will have to pay deerly for the incompetence of the trio of Swedish prosecutors that mishandled this case.
Read more here (Swedish) http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/assange-vill-ha-skadestand_5605313.svd

Assange's Obamaesque appearance in the CNN interview

Assange appears as cool and collected as Obama in interviews. Eventhough he gets provoked he normally appears focused and matter of factly. Just like Obama does. Anyways, a reporter at CNN tried several times to bring up Assanges' rape accusations in an interview that was supposed to be about the 400 000 document leak last night.  I think Assange handled it much better than the reporter and he did the right thing walking away, I think he actually did it to show respect to the civilans deaths that had been revealed and the reporter just sat there looking......stupid. It seems like Assange has an extraordinary ability to make women around him act uber stupid. Look at the trail of trainwrecks he left behind in Sweden!
Here is the interview http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2010/10/22/intv.shubert.assange.end.cnn

WikiLeaks cleans the dirty laundry of war again

Someone has to do the ungrateful job of disclose the horrors of war. While the US that has invaded Iraq with volunteer soldiers, runs a smooth and clean propaganda machine at home, tens of thousands civil Iraqis have been killed and tortured in the hands of American soldiers. Soldiers that are celebrated as heroes upon their return to the US.
Of course Hillary Rodham Clinton is irritated over this snag in her propaganda machinery. I myself greeve the innocent that are killed, tortured and terrorised by foreign hands in their own homeland. I am not surprised that the US does what it can to hide facts about innocent lifes in Iraq.
By the way, it is not WikiLeaks that sends soldiers to kill Iraqis and thereby risk their own lifes, it is Pentagon, so stop whining about WikiLeak risking lifes. If the documents that now has become public has a content that may harm US soldiers in Iraq, make sure you are not leaking them then, it is not WikiLeaks that leaked confidential information it was Pentagon.

Chief prosecutor's linguistic limbo on aklagare.se Chief prosecutor's linguistic limbo on aklagare.se Chief prosecutor's linguistic limbo on aklagare.se

Chief prosecutor's linguistic limbo on aklagare.se
Chief prosecutor Marianne Ny published an update on the investigation of the Assange rape case. As she has been updating the case with the news that she has nothing to say in a one sentence messages, today she obviously wanted to expand, on saying nothing. It was a challenge to translate the world wrestling of composing 5 full sentences on having nothing to say.
"Chief prosecutor Marianne Ny gives a short description of the current situation:
The investigation continues but there are still some actions that needs to be taken before the decision. It is not possible to say when a decision can be made. A decision can be made within a near future or it might be delayed.  With respect to the investigation it is not possible to explain why a prognosis and a time for a decision can not be made. It is currently not possible to give out any details of the content of the investigation."

What is this really? I do hope that this woman is a better prosecutor than communicator. How can the Prosecutor's Office publish such rubbish on their web site. Publish the decision already!

The Swedish version can be found here  http://www.aklagare.se/Media/Nyheter/Lagesrapport-Assangearendet-22-oktober/

Assange denied residence permit in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Board, Migrationsverket, has denied Julian Assange a residence permit in Sweden. The permit is required for non-Swedish citizens who wants to work in Sweden. The reason for the denial of the application is not known.  

Turtles and rabbits chasing WikilLeaks

The Swedish prosecutor is obviously busy leaving no stone unturned in the Assange rape case, one might think she is crawling down a gravel road considering the time she has spent on this case now. Marinne Ny is proud to continue to make the Swedish judicial system appear ad hoc and unsafe.  The latest update on the official web site of the Swedish Prosecutors Office was made on September 29 with a short message that the investigation is still ongoing and at this point it is not possible to say when a decision can be made.
While Sweden is moving at the speed of the turtle the US and Australian governments are the rabbits. They have managed to speedily close WikiLeak's donor account managed by the UK firm Moneybookers.

Aussie lawyer speaks up for Assange - finally

The Swedish Prosecutor is still busy "looking under every stone" in the Assange case and there have been no updates since September 9, with a message stating that there were no updates, on aklagare.se, The Swedish Prosecutor's office official web site.
One might suspect that the Swedish authorities are trying to chill the case by complete silence and hope that the world will be looking elsewhere when it is time to declare the findings in the case.
Now, we all know that it is not going to happen, and I do hope the current Director of Communications, Karin Rosander has been replaced by then.
This week, the human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson told crikey.com  “Mr Assange has been the victim of utterly incompetent prosecutors who have severely damaged his rights, the rights that every person in Europe has granted to them under the European convention,” “The Australian government, now that we have a government, should carpet the Swedish ambassador and make a formal protest against the treatment of Assange.” He also predicted that the European Court of Human Rights would order the Swedish government to compensate him.
Read the full article here http://www.crikey.com.au/2010/09/14/we-should-stand-up-for-assange-geoffrey-robertson/

Chancellor of Justice office leaks investigation details on police leak in the Assange scandal

A picture named M2
It appears that the tabloid Aftonbladet had the complete dossier on the original complaint made by Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen that led the emergency prosecutor to arrest Assange in his absence charging him for rape. Aftonbladet editor-in-chief Jan Helin admits that he got the complete dossier via "normal" channels. The leak is now being investigated by the Internal Affairs Division of the Swedish police as well as by the Chancellor of Justice represented by Anna Skarhed, yes another woman gets involved.  

Assange is the only one who makes sense in the Swedish rape scandal

Aklagare.se published the following update on the Assange scandal today " The investigation progresses, but right now, and within the next week, I cannot provide any new information on this matter, says the Director of Public Prosecution Ms Marianne Ny."
It must be a very tricky situation for the prosecutors to prove, not only to the court, but also to a man and woman that had sex, that during the sexual act, a rape was committed without any of them being aware of it. This is actually the current situation and I do not see how the prosecutors can come out of this bizarre scandal without seriously damaging the trust for the legal justice for the Swedes as well as for the rest of the world.

Transparency journalism by anonymosity communication

WL insiders have contacted Brisbane Times and told the newspaper that there is not wish from the WL insiders to see Assange kicked out of the organisation. The anonymous insider tells Brisbane Times that right before the Swedish rape accusations, WL was planning a re-organisation due to the rapid growth of the organisation. The WL source say that no one wanted Assange to step down as editor-in-cheif but "a few people have floated the idea of him stepping down as the media spokesperson".
Interestingly enough the WL source mentioned a new term, never before used by WL called transparency journalism, explained as "journalism that tells a true story and then backs it up by publishing source documents that also provide the truth.
Well, all this sounds a little bit hollow as the source contacting Brisbane Times is anonymous, so who knows, that the source provides the truth? And how does this coerce with the protection of the source that media so much depends on and protects?

Birgitta Jonsdottir denies claims that she wants Assange out of WL

Birgitta Jonsdottir twitters that she does not want Assange to resign and that she does not aspire to become spokesperson for WikiLeaks.
Let's see what she tweets about Australian men being male chauvinists!

Assange vulnerable as a Robin Hood without a Marion

A picture named M2
WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, turned to Sweden as a safe haven for his whistleblower organisation. Assange seems to be a well educated, smart and well spoken person who has chosen a life as global nomad with a laptop as his only possession. He is brave enough to trust friends and strangers alike to give him shelter and food so that he can focus on his life mission. Quite an extraordinary personality that won't easily be labeled and to many remains an enigma.  

Swedish women in doubt - go to the police today

If Swedish law, Swedish police, Swedish prosecutors, as far as I can understand from all known facts in the case, consider having unprotected sex that you later on feel might have been risky, with someone you invited to you home, you bed, had sex with earlier. Women or men that now feel that they actually might have been victims of crimes such as rape or molestation, should immediately go to the nearest police station and ask for advice in the matter. Go today and tell the police your story. Who knows, maybe the police will have to put everything else aside and start looking for thousands of men arrested in their absence for rape.

Prosecutress excess

Do we only have female prosecutors, or prosecutresses in Sweden. The fact that now four prosecutresses have had their say in this bizarre case makes me believe that this is not abour rape or sexual molestation or whatever the law calls it. It is about a feminist agenda where, at any cost, and there will be costs for the Swedish tax payers and all others involved, when this case including the radical feminist agenda is being pushed to its limits. I think Silbersky now need to step it up and stop complaining and do something about this absurd situation.

Third prosecutor decides that it is rape, after all.

from aklagare.se today
Director of Public Prosecution Ms Marianne Ny has decided on the request for review in the Assange matter.The investigation concerning rape will be reopened.There is reason to believe that a crime has been committed. Considering information available at present, my judgement is that the classification of the crime is rape. The basis for further considerations is not sufficient at the moment. More investigations are neccessary before a final decision can be made.The investigation concerning molestation will be extended to include all allegations in the original police report.

- There is reason to believe that a crime has been committed. Based on the information available, the crimes in question come under the heading of sexual coercion and sexual molestation, respectively.Director of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny will be leading the further investigations. She will be assisted by Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ms Erika Lejnefors.

- Due to the investigation and the persons involved in the matter, I cannot give more information concerning details in the investigation.

New information in the Assange case

Utvecklingscentrum in Gothenburg who is examining the withdrawal of the rape charges made by chief prosecutor Eva Finne has new information and can therefore not make any decisions about the case today, they will issue a statement tomorrow, Wednesday before 11 am Swedish time.

Assange applied for green card in Sweden before rape accusations

The Swedish immigration authorities confirms to Expressen that Julian Assange applied for a work permit in Sweden on August 18. The authority is looking into the case now and no decision has been made.

Editorial on the Assange case in Expressen

Editorial writer Ann-Charlotte Marteus claims that "disgusting young men and women in the bloggoshpere is an imminent threat to gender equality."  She finds that the symapthy is with Assange and that the same time "something horrible is happening, in crazy, digital, gangbangformation, bloggers and commentators attacks one of the women that filed a complaint."

Assange interrogated by the police yesterday

Assange was heard by the police concerning the molestation charges yesterday. According to Aftonbladet the molestation charges are based on claims by Anna Ardin or Sofia Wilen that Assange damaged a condom on purpose. Assange's lawyer, Leif Silbersky, does not want to comment on the details of the interrogation but says that he finds the case absurd. The chief prosecutor has not published a verdict in the case, according to aklagare.se the preliminary investigation is still ongoing and therefore she cannot comment on the case. The lawyer representing Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen has asked for a trial of the prosecutor's decision to not charge Assange for rape. The trial and investigation in this matter will be handled by Utvecklingscentrum in Gothenburg.

Assange's son comments on the scandal

Daniel Assange, son of Julian Assange, talks about his father on Facebook. He claims that his father knows how to get female enemies.

Back to rape accusations

The lawyer representing Anna Ardin and the other woman accusing Assange for rape, is now asking the prosecutor to look at the case again as he thinks that both women have been raped by Assange according to Swedish law. The chief prosecutor had the day off today, Friday and has not had any comments to the latest development.

Translation of article about the Assange case published in Resume

I found this translation of an interesting article published in the Swedish magazine Resume. The English translation was published on the Swedish forum Flashback

Prosecutor suddenly tight-lipped

Chief prosecutor Eva Finne confirms to Expressen that Assange and his lawyer Silbersky has been called to the police for interrogation. She does not want to say when and where the interrogation will take place or anything about what the interrogation concerns.

Assange interviewed in Aftonbladet

Julian Assange was interviewed in Aftonbladet today, he claims that he still has no idea what the accusations are about and that he is available for interrogations by the Swedish police. Aftonbladet's sources say that the complaint originally had to do with Assange not moving out of one of the womens flats when she asked him, but stayed another day. Assange also admits that this scandal has caused him and WikiLeaks huge damage.

Eva Finne has made her decision in case # K246314-10 and K246336-10

Translated from the Swedish Prosecution Authoritie's web site.
Decision by chief prosecutor Eva Finné.

Why do the Swedish Prosecutor's Authority use Assange's name instead of case number?

Today, the Swedish Prosecutor's Authority updated "Assangeärendet", the Assange case, on their web site. The update was that no decision has yet been made by Eva Finne. I find it remarkable though, that an authority that is supposed to investigate this case under confidentiality, is actually naming the case after an innocent man. What is the reason to not refer to this case by the case number? If I was defending Assange, I would ask the Prosecutor's Authority to immediately remove Assange's name from their home page. I would also look into a law suit for defamation and libel.  

Both parties have lawyered up and the prosecutor is still thinking

Eva Finne will not make any decisions today, Tuesday, according to aklagarmyndigheten.se at the same time the Socialdemocratic, former Gender Equality Ombudsman, Claes Borgstrom has said that he will represent Anna Ardin and the artist. Borgstrom claims that there is ground for sexual molestation but is critical to why the prosecutor has not interrogated Assange. Borgstrom supports the emergency prosecutor's decision to arrest Assange. Let us wait and see what Silbersky will tell Expressen about his view on the case, he has already supported Eva Finne's decision to withdraw the arrest order.  

Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand accused of breaking the Confidentiality Law

Rattssakerhetsorganisationen, RO, is accusing MHK for having broken the confidentiality law that is applicable during the initial investigation by leaking the name of the accused Julian Assange to Expressen. The President of RO, Johan Binninge also means that the case have been handled extremely bad for all involved parties and that RO is critical about how easy it seems to be to arrest a person.
Read more dagensjuridik.se

Leif Silbersky, Swedish celeb and high profile lawyer will represent Assenge

Silbersky has contacted the Prosecutor's Authority and told them he will represent Assenge. The prosecutor Eva Finne, is obviously still thinking about what to do with this case. While Eva Finne is thinking media all over the world has figured out that this is really about two jealous and vengeful women who went to the police to avenge Assange. The Swedish juridical system then failed to protect the privacy and legal rights of everyone involved by classifying hearsay as evidence of crime.

Swedish deaths in Afghanistan in 2005 might be connected to rape accusations of Assange

Anna Ardin, the woman who accused Assange for sexual molestation is cousin to Mattias Ardin, lieutenant of the Swedish Army in Mazar-el-Sharif on November 25,  2005 when two Swedish soldiers, Jesper Lindblom and Tomas Bergqvist were killed and several injured in Afghanistan.

CNN still thinks Assange was framed by CIA

Just watched CNN News, they are still spinning that the CIA was involved in the arrest of Assange. They made some references to Aftonbladet more to confirm the CIA theory.  I would think that they can do more interesting spinn on the socialist, radical feminist connection. Currently, Assange and WikiLeaks are the winners.

Weaky, leaky women

How come that Anna Ardin suddenly is on sick leave for something she, according to her employer did on her free time, including but not excluding attending a crayfish party with Assenge, being molestated by Assenge and later going to the police station for advice on how to deal with the supposed molestation situation. What stops her from doing her job as press secretary? She was obviously the one who called Expressen to report that her scheme to revenge Assenge had succeeded, why hide now? and why should your employer and the Swedish tax payers pay for your sudden sickness. Women-up and take resonsabiity for your own actions. I thought a radical feminist would be much stronger than hide for a media storm she cause herself. And by the way I am ashamed to be a woman from Gotland today, Gotlander are nice, strong and honest people.
And what about the prosecutor Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand, sometimes she refers to the confidentiality of the ongoing investigation, but when Expressen calls her she can give away the name of one person involved in the ongoing investigation. She is now also conveniently on leave until September 1. Her leave is fully paid by Swedish tax payers. This woman took upon herself to make a decision about arresting a person based on unverified hearsay from a police officer. And now she is allowed to hide and not woman-up to her actions.
And now, a third woman, the chief prosecutor Eva Finne, that took 24 hours to decide that there was not enough evidence in the case for a rape accusation, now she suddenly needs more than three days to figure out what she is supposed to call the molestation allegations. Who knows, maybe she is on sick leave tomorrow as well.  

Newzglobe confirms Anna Ardin as one of the women that made the rape allegations against Assange

The web site newzglobe.com published an article in Swedish today confirming Anna Ardin as one of the women who accused Assange for rape. Her employer confirms that Anna was involved in the invitation of Assange and that she is now on sick leave. I have translated the article to English, you can find the Swedish article here http://www.newzglobe.com/sv/artikel/20100823/s-kvinna-anmalde-wikileaks-grundare

Swedish radical feminist and christian social democrat beyond doubt behind the rape allegations of Assenge

A picture named M2

Swedish social media agrees on Anna Ardin, a Swedish radical feminist and christian social democrat to be one of the women behind the rape allegations of Assange. The Swedish social media does what the Swedish establish media does not, publish the name and photo not only of the accused but also of the accuser, no one is convicted in this high profile case, but is is obvious that Swedish national media is protecting the accuser, who by some is called the most hated woman in Sweden. The reason for the protection of this accuser is that she is friends with the established Swedish media. I decided to publish this information as for now, there is one accused whose name and photo have been published all over the world, but for some reason the accuser is being protected. The Swedish justice system will deem her a victim of rape or a perpetrator of false allegations.

News from the Swedish Prosecutor's Authority

The following news have been published today on aklagarmyndigheten.se it is published in Swedish and I have made a translation into English. The first article is called The Assange Case - Chronology.

Expressen on false allegations of rape from 2007

In March 24, 2007 Expressen, the tabloid that broke the news of the rape allegations against Assange, published an article about the problem of the increasing number of false allegations of rape in Sweden and the consequences for the men that according to Expressen are accused for the most shameful crime in society - rape.

Swedish Prosecutor's Authority about the Assange scandal

The Swedish Prosecutor's Authority has published a Q and A about the Assange scandal. It was published only in Swedish so I have made a translation.

Former Swedish chief prosecutor demands explanation for arrest order

The former Swedish chief prosecutor, Sven-Erik Alhem, demands an explanation from the prosecutors that filed the arrest order for Assange and later withdraw the order. Alhem tells the Swedish newpaper Dagens Nyheter that he finds the actions of the prosecutors bizarre and confusing.  Alhem points out several actions to DN that he finds questionable; the arrest order was based on the assumption probable cause, the strongest grade of suspicion of crime that is required for an arrest order, and later this probable cause suspicions is withdrawn without the appearence of any new information in the case. This is very confusing.

Supposedly molested woman's blog comments

One of the women who supposedly accused Assange of molestation has now closed her blog and removes her contact information from the web. However, and this should serve as a reminder for everyone who is posting on the web, information is stored somewhere and cannot be deleted once published. I have made a translation from Swedish to English of her blog post from June 1, 2006 about rape. The address before the blog was closed is

Woman who supposedly accused Assange of molestation acted as his press secretary

On the home page of WikiLeak's Swedish Internet Service Provider, Pirat Partiet, the name of Assange's Swedish press secretary has been removed. This is the original text "We see more opportunities down the road in cooperating with the Pirate Party, says Assange, and look forward to exploring those options.
Rick Falkvinge, party leader for the Swedish Pirate Party, +46-10-3333-401
Anna Troberg, deputy party leader for the Swedish Pirate Party, +46-10-3333-402
Anna Ardin, press secretary for Julian Assange, +46-733-907017"

the text above has now been replaced with:
"We see more opportunities down the road in cooperating with the Pirate Party, says Assange, and look forward to exploring those options.
For more information, contact:
Rick Falkvinge, party leader for the Swedish Pirate Party, +46-10-3333-401
Anna Troberg, deputy party leader for the Swedish Pirate Party, +46-10-3333-402"  

Prosecutor that arrested Assange reported to the Ombudsman of Justice

Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand, the prosecutor that arrested Assange Friday night for rape has been reported to the Swedish Parliament's Ombudsmen of Justice for how she handled the accusations made against Assange. The president of the Swedish non-profit association, Rattssakerhetsorganisationen, Johann Binninge, that filed the complaint tells Aftonbladet that the handling of the Assange case was a catastrophy for the Swedish justice system. He continues to say that the prosecutor was not objective to the situation, she listened and acted only on the words of the women and did not bother to even try to contact the accused party. Aftonbladet was not able to reach Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand for a comment yesterday. The Ombudsmen of Justice are elected by the Swedish Parliament to ensure that public authorities and their staff comply with laws.

Assange talks to Aftonbladet

Julian Assange claims in an interview with Aftonbladet that he has never had sex with anyone that did not want to. He also said that he had no idea who the women are that accuse him of molestation. Assange does not want to answer the question if he had sex during his last visit to Stockholm, he wants to keep his sex life private he said. He does not want to comment on this case until he knows more on why the women went to the police and who they are. The reason for Assange to not come forward earlier was that he needed to consult with advisors and lawyers.

Time for Assange to speak out

It is time now for Assange to speak out about the sexual assault accusations. He must show the he not only can dish it out but also can take it. A man that claims that he puts transparency before the possible sacrifice of human lives, must be prepared to openly and honestly talk about the two sexual encounters he has been accused of. He has had plenty of time to talk to lawyers and advisors and they must have told him that it will hurt him to continue to keep his silence and play the invisible man. Admitting having sex can be no big deal for a man who takes on the White House and Pentagon. He must use his own tactics of openness, total openness to defend himself.

Assange victim of honey trap

The Swedish intelligence expert and former Swedish Air Force pilot, Anders Jallai, writes on the Swedish site newsmill.se that he thinks Assange was a victim of a so called honey trap. A man is lured to have sex with a woman contracted by an intelligence organisation to blackmail this person to silence by threatening to show photos or filmage of the rendez-vous. Allai compares today's incident with the so called Profumo affair in the 60's when the English defence minister, John Profumo was caught in a sex trap rigged by the KGB. Jallai further thinks Assange is innocent to the rape and assault accusations.  

Social media points out one of the women accusing Assange for sexual assault

Swedish social media points out one of the women accusing Assange for sexual assault as en employee of the Swedish Christian Social Democrats. The organisation invited Assange to Stockholm for a seminar on August 14.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority made a big mistake

Early this morning when I heard the awkward interview with the communications director of the Swedish Prosecution Authority I realised how provincial Sweden is in certain aspects. Here she is, on air with one of the biggest news organisations in the world and manages to make most viewers believe that the Swedish prosecutor has no idea what they are doing, in arresting Assange. Later the same day she published a message on the web site of the official web site of the Swedish Prosecution Authority, aklagarmyndigheten.se,  where she manages to misspell "prosecutor" in the very short English version announcing that the chief prosecutor is cancelling the arrest order. The Swedish Prosecution Authority did a great job building their cred with the Swedish people and the rest of the world today.

Assange no longer arrested.

The arrest order for Julian Assange has been cancelled. Chief prosecutor Eva Finne has said that there is no longer a reason to beleive that Assanger raped anyone. He is still suspected for sexual assault but he does no longer have to contact the police.  Well, at this point Assange has lawyered up and this might be the reason to why the rape charges and thereby the arrest order is dropped.

Aftonbladet publish interview with the alleged assault victim

The tabloid Aftonbladet has published an interview with the alleged rape victim, a woman in her thirties whh claims that Assange has a distorted view on women and has problems accepting a no. The 30-year-old woman tells Aftonbladet that she had a sexual relation with Assange that turned into a situation defined in Sweden as molestation, or as we woman expresses it sexual assault . The woman decided to talk to Aftonbladet after she read the many conspiracy theories on the Internet about CIA or Pentagon being behind the grave accusations. Both women that made the allegations have left detailed stories to the police, stories that are now being investigated by the police. The woman also, according to Aftonbladet denies information published in the tabloid Expressen that the women should be afraid of Assange due to his position.

Assange will turn himself over to the Swedish police

According to the tabloid Expressen, Assange will turn himself over to the Swedish police. The spokeswomen for WikiLeaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson claims that Assange is in Sweden and that he will soon report to the police. Assange does the right thing obviously following his quest for transparency. The accustations made by the Swedish police and prosecutor are serious and they will now be scrutinized by WikiLeaks and the global social media that is buzzing with these news. I guess there is a line of Swedish celeb lawyers lining up to defend Assange.  

Swedish national newspaper, SVD, publish article in English about Assange

The Swedish national newspaper published an article in English on the rape charges of Julian Assange. This is the first time I see this newspaper publish articles in English, and unfortunately the English language is not their forte, I noted several grammatical and spelling errors. Read for yourselves.  

Aftonbladet will not publish Assange's first column tomorrow

Last week the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet made an agreement with Assange to publish bi-monthly columns written by the WikiLeaks founder. Today, the editor of Aftonbladet writes in his blog that the tabloid will not publish the column until they know more about the rape charges.

Assange arrested in absentia for rape charges in Sweden

A picture named M2
Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks has been arrested in his absence for rape charges. This morning mrs Karin Rosander, communications director of the Swedish prosecutors office was interviewed about the incident via phone on CNN and made a complete fool of herself. When everyone can read in Swedish newspaper about when, how and by whom allegations abour rape and molestation, the prosecutor that allwed herself to be interviewed on CNN claimed that she did not know when and who and why Assange was arrested. She also appeared to not know who Assange is. She did a good job making the Swedish judicial system appear banana republic. Obviously a prosecutor cannot speculate on an incident but she could at least have explained to CNN how it works in Sweden and recommended them to contact the police. I can only hope CNN gets hold of someone better equipped for such an interview, maybe this Rosander was really the cleaner in the prosecutors office. The news anchor, TJ Holmes, of CNN Saturday Morning that performed the live interview on the phone did the best to hide the fact that he was flabbergasted by the replies he got from Sweden. This is what we know from reading the Swedish tabloid Expressen who claims to have the information on the case.  

WikiLeak founder Assange will write columns for Aftonbladet

A picture named M2

The founder of WikiLeaks, Australian journalist Julian Assange will write bi-monthly columns for the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. According to Aftonbladet, Assange has chosen the Swedish newspaper as the Swedish publicist culture and laws have been supportive of WikiLeaks since it was founded. Currently WikiLeaks are being threatened by the White House that if WikiLeaks does not immediately destroy all the documents they have published and received from the Pentagon leak otherwise there will be consequences. It is impossible to figure out which consequences the White House considering. After all it was Pentagon that leaked the documents to media so, this is really a problem of Pentagon not WikiLeaks as Pentagon is supposed to make sure secret documents are kept secret and WikiLeaks are supposed to publish secrets to the public. So WikiLeaks did their job, while Pentagon failed.  

The War Logs – US warfare, unfiltered.

A picture named M2
Julian Assange, self promotor or hero

US Army intelligence has leaked almost 100 000 secret documents, recording events in the Afghanistan war from 2004 to 2009. The leak threats US foreign policy as well as US and NATO troops on the field in Afghanistan according to the US government.

The documents were made available to the public by Wikileaks.org. The documents that were leaked from the gigantic US intelligence apparatus are classified as secret, obviously they were not intended to be distributed all over the globe and dissected by three national newspapers from Germany (Der Spiegel), the UK (The Guardian) and the US (The New York Times).

The reports in the thousands of documents are authentic, but do not always reveal the truth, merely raw field reports.  The reports confirm the already known cooperation between the Pakistan secret service and the Talibans that result in the killings of US troops, the fact that the US is hiding the real number of civilian deaths and injuries is also a normal war strategy and no news.

The publication of these reports as the top news all over the world put the US in the same situation as BP, a dirty mess is surfacing and now every step in the PR and image work will be very important for Obama. Let us hope that he does not make the same mistakes as BP’s Svanberg did. Let us hope for transparency instead of falsification.  

Swedish Company is hosting WikiLeaks

A picture named M2
The Swedish Company PRQ, www.prq.se, owned by amongst others Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij from Pirate Bay is hosting the web site Wiki Leaks that published the video of American military shooting civilans and a Reuter journalist and his driver in the Iraqi suburb New Baghdad in 2007. The video contains amongst other the US armys recordings of the communications amongst the soldiers in the helicopter that shot and killad a group of civilians and injured two children. In the recordings one of the soldiers in the helicopter is laughing when an injured man who is trying to crawl away from the scene is run over by a US tank. Click here to watch the video http://www.wikileaks.org/.

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