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Friday July 10 we went to IKEA for a late lunch. When we arrived the restaurant was quite crowded, or rather it sounded very crowded.  The restaurant has an open airy and clean layout with nice wall art depicting Swedish landscapes.   The décor is 100% IKEA furniture that somehow makes this big space feel a little bit like you are in a home.  However, the acoustics is not so good, even when the restaurant is half-full it is noisy.  


1103 N. 22nd Street

Tampa, FL 33605


The restaurant is self- service, you get your food yourself and is also asked to clear the table. There is plenty of staff ready to wipe the tables when guests leave and the restaurant feels clean and welcoming.  The staff is alert and friendly.  Extra bonus for the Dajm candy we got for free by staff when we had been sitting for an hour working at a table.  

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There is a selection of cold platters such as Gravlax (4.99)  and Open Shrimp Sandwich (2.99) as well as warm food including the classic Swedish Meatballs with Lingonsylt (4.99). There are also desert cakes such as chocolate cake (2.49) and Almond cake (1.29).  

Soft drinks are 1.29 and coffee is 99c including free refills that you can get yourself from a bar.

The food is good and fresh.  The Gravlax was very good, fresh and perfectly cured, the portion was generous.  The Open Shrimp Sandwich is an IKEA classic and always a safe choice, this time was no exception.  The meatballs are in the same quality as what you will get in a Swedish lunch restaurant and well worth their price.

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If you want a quick lunch with self service in a clean and open environment for very little money, the IKEA restaurant is perfect. It has a friendly atmosphere and you feel almost like at home.  


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