Ladie's Week - Fruntimmersveckan

The week beginning July 18 and ending with July 24 is called Ladie’s Week in Sweden.

The celebration of Ladie’s Week originates from the Middle Ages when the saints St Maria Magdalena and Virgin Kristina were celebrated, later on other female names were entered into the Swedish name day calendar.

The week got it’s present name already in the 1800’s. The following names are celebrated Sara, Margareta, Johanna, Magdalena, Emma and Kristina.

In the Farmer’s Calendar the week had a less nice name it was actually called pee-week as it used to rain a lot during Ladie’s Week. Modern statistics actually support the Farmer’s Calendar as it has proven that the last week of July and first week of August are the weeks when we get the most rain in Sweden.

Here in Florida, the Ladie’s Week comes during the hot season when we normally get a lot of rain. Interestingly enough, July is the rainiest month of the year in Florida as well.

With this statistics in mind, it is not such a bad idea to celebrate one of the girls in this week with a homemade cake and real Swedish coffee.

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