The Swedish Masters in Florida

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Swedes know how to swing it in Florida.
The Swedish Masters was initiated in 1993 by the Swedish athletes Jan and Martin Olofsson. Jan is a former Swedish soccer player of famous Swedish team Djurgarden as well as handball in the most successful Swedish national team, Hellas.  Martin played handball with the Swedish national team Malmberget. Today Jan and Martin, who are both engineers, run their own businesses and of course play golf in Florida during the long and dark Swedish winter. Not a bad lifestyle at all!

In November when the Swedish snowbirds return to Florida for the winter, the tour begins and ends in February the following year.  

The tour is played on different golf courses on Florida’s west coast. The first and last competition is traditionally played at the Eagles Golf Club in Tampa, other courses that are included in the Swedish Masters are Silverthorn in Brooksville, Heritage Harbor in Lutz, Heritage Isles in Tampa, Golden Ocala in Ocala, Wenthworth in Tarpon Springs and Worldwoods in Brooksville.

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Participants in the 2008 Swedish Masters

Each year more than 20 golf players participate and since 1993 than 79 players have participated in altogether 222 competitions. If you happen to be on the Florida’s west coast during one or two of the rounds, you are welcome to join the group for as many rounds you like.  

Each competition has a winner that will receive an award, since 1993 there have been 41 winners. In order to win the Title of Swedish Masters Champion you need to enter a minimum of four competitions as the results from the four best rounds are added to the result of the last days result. The Prize award ceremony is held at the Eagles Golf Club in Tampa.

If you do not live in the Tampa Bay area and wish to participate in the Swedish Masters, you can rent a house in the same community as the founders, there are houses for rent ($450 per week, car $350 per week) in Kings Manor Estates in Largo, Tampa Bay.  

Each competition starts between 8 and 10 am. Handicap and start time are adjusted daily.

When you are not swinging away you can join gang when they go to the NHL and NFL events in Tampa Bay.

The Swedish Masters in Florida 2009 will begin on November 18.  
For more information about the Swedish Masters, call or email Jan Olofsson.

Cell +1 46 (0)70-3161960.

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