Norway picks fashion fight with Sweden

A picture named M2

Since the dissolution of the Swedish – Norwegian union in 1905, Sweden and Norway has had a friendly quarrel. Swedes are jealous of the Norwegian oil and Norwegians are jealous of Swedish car brands, innovations and obviously now design!

The Norwegian design agency, Anti, has designed a death metal inspired jeans brand, and of course the smart guys in the design bureau know that Sweden is a stronger brand name in design and fashion than Norway, whose most famous design still today  is the folklore artifact “lusekofta”.

Sweden’s mega successful jeans brands Acne and Cheap Monday obviously inspired and challenged the Norwegians who produced 666 pairs of unisex, black, cigarette jeans that they named, AntiSweden jeans.

Obviously the success of the first Norwegian attempt to enter the super competitive international fashion market is by surfing on the Swedish success.

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