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A bleak copy of the Real Housewives of series

The Swedish broadcast network, TV 3, has now aired three episodes of the record breaking series, Swedish Hollywood Wives.  Not only did the series have a viewer record for the first episodes, one of the reality stars, Anna Anka, has caused a national gender equality debate, she has also become so popular that she was jetted over from the US to participate in a Swedish talk show, Skavlan, she also mingled with Swedish B and C celebs at some parties.

The three episodes of the Hollywood Wives can be viewed online from  The Swedish Hollywood wives do not have much of a fab or glam factor and very little drama compared to the US series The Real Housewives of that without doubt served as an inspiration for the Swedish, low budget and most of the time boring copy. Very Swedish, very lagom (just enough).

The most intriguing and addictive feature of the Real Housewives concept is that the housewives featured in the series mostly are glam and fab or at least quite ghastly wannabe glam and fab, and, they also interact with each other. It is the interaction between the housewives divas that give the series such dynamics and make you feel like a voyeur not only into someone’s life but also in the complicated and fascinating communication and interaction between women.  Fist fights, scream fests and back- stabbing  goes on non-stop.   For those women who doubts the fact that women do not support each other’s personal growth and success, the control mechanism that sets in towards every women in the group that becomes more successful or rich is manifested in the Real Housewives series.

 Three Swedish women that grew up in Sweden and now live near or in Hollywood are the main characters of the new reality drama. Agnes-Nicole Winter is not a wife but an ex-wife to three or four men. She is CEO of Global Star Films in Beverly Hills. We get to see her several times having her make-up done and when she is trying to sell her latest film production The Gold & The Beautiful,, where she herself is the star and producer.  Agnes-Nicole is the only reality star that might be a tad bit glamorous but we are not allowed to see any fabulosity in her life. However, at least she runs her own company and seems to be street smart and robot nice in all situations. Why though, does she have such a heavy Swedish accent? Her cheek bones look supersized and he smile is kind of crooked and stiff but she does have big blonde hair though and when she is not lounging in her sweat pants she dresses really nice.

Maria Montazami is from the Swedish gnallbaltet, the so called Wining Belt, Vasteras, and she has the dialect all right. Very heavy Swedish accent as well when she speaks English. She has big, platinum blonde hair and seems to be a genuinely happy and nice person who enjoys her life.  She is married to an, according to TV3, extremely successful real estate agent. Well, we all know what happened to the real estate business in California so no one is surprised to hear Maria saying that she gets a household budget of $750 a week.  It is impossible to live a fab life on such ridiculously small amount of money. She lives with her husband and kids in a typical smaller version of a McMansion, in one of those anonymous gated communities of California. Nice and down-to-earth typical Swedesse. She does not have any fab or glam factor though, her daily life is really too boring to qualify for such a show where we expect non-stop drama and bitch slapping.

Anna Anka is the third Hollywood wife, she is neither fabulous nor glamorous. She certainly knows how to hand out bitch slaps though, according to Anna:

Her husband’s fans are fat, flabby and pathetic.

Her husband’s friend’s wives are fucking hags, old and ugly enough to puke on.

Swedish women are fat, flabby and boring.

Swedish men are diaper changing and boring.

US men are afraid of their children.

 Mexicans are plain stupid.

 Hollywood celeb have all used sex to get where they are and most of them such as Victoria Beckham in particular, are awful snobs and boring.

This train wreck of a woman is the most entertaining person in the series.  She really knows how to dish it out and without a second of doubt she tells blatant lies that in this time and day can easily be verified by a few Google searches.  Anna Anka, who last year married Paul Anka, a singer song writer who was popular in the 60’s and now seems to spend most times singing in casinos, to, according his wife, fat and flabby fans.  One cannot but feel sorry for Paul Anka who looks mildly aloof and confused in front of the Swedish camera team. Let us hope, for his sake, that he does not bother to get the three episodes him and his wife appears in translated into English. It is kind of painfully fun though to hear the horrible things coming out of the mouth of his wife at the same time see him smile into the camera. Actually quite entertaining.  After all the exposure Anna Anka has got in Swedish media, Paul Anka, who no one remembers any way, has in Sweden become the husband of Anna Anka.

Anna is not that careful about the truth, she has to media as well as in her book. Yes, it is true, Anna Anka has written a book, it is called “The 30-minutes Pregnancy Workout Book”, published in 2008 by St Martin’s Books New York, read more here
  Swedish media checked on Anna Anka’s claims that she won the Miss Sweden title in 1994. Anna Anka, at that time Anna Aberg never participated in the Miss Sweden contest. St Martin’s Books did not fact check though, in the book one can read that “In 1994, Aberg was named Miss Sweden, Miss Hawaiian Tropic and later Miss Fitness of Scandinavia.”

Another amazing fact one can read about Anna in her book is “The avid horseback rider and basketball player dreamed of becoming a scientist, even while her parents steered her to get an economics degree instead….At fifteen, she moved to Helsingborg, Sweden’s fourth largest city, to study at a university. “ Well, some fact checking would not hurt.  

In the third episode of Swedish Hollywood Wives, Anna claims that she gained 20 pounds after moving to the USA, her model agent told her to lose the extra weight,  so she begun spinning classes. She found that the spinning classed were so poorly performed that she went on to creating her own training concept and eventually became a personal trainer to amongst others Diana Ross.  In her book though, she claims that she met Johnny G, “a trainer and endurance athlete who developed the spinning stationary program, she became an instructor and spokesperson for his business…..taught spinning classes to Sharon Stone and, worked at Crunch, one of Los Angeles most popular gyms. She also trained Paul Marciano of Guess, Inc; Trace Ross, daughter of Diana Ross….”

Obviously the truth does not matter that much to Anna Anka, it would be quite interesting to find out who Paul Anka thinks he married.  

According to Anna Anka though, there might be no more episodes for the fab- and glamour starved but yet flabby and fat Swedish married women to watch. Anna claims that she only got paid for three episodes. It is only thanks to her that the series has become such a success. Unless she gets more money she will bring in the big, bad lawyers from the USA to sue TV 3.  Obviously Anna has learned few things during her 15 years in the USA.  She knows shameless self-promotion based on faked titles and performances.  Lawyers are a gold- digger- girl’s best friends.  

It would more entertaining to see Agnes-Nicole, Maria and Anna interact with each other. Like the Real House Wives they should, go shopping, have drinks and go to the spa together.  Maybe Marie from Vasteras can be quite cruel when she gets provoked? Behind Agnes-Nicole’s big smile up to her super sized cheek bones, might hide a sharp tongue and mean streak she can pull out to provoke Anna Anka to do something really wing nutty and entertaining.  In other words, more fab, more glam and more drama to the Swedish Hollywood Wives.
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1 - As a friend and co-star of Agnes Nicole
Winter, I do agree that she is the most glamorous. We always have fun together
and it is really hard in this town to have two girfriends who are really bonded. On the show I am the girlfriend with the dog.
Mara New.

2 - I am currently working with Agnes-Nicole as her Hairstylist for this season of Swedish Hollywood Wives. Truth be told she is an amazing human being that I adore. Not to mention she is so fab and pretty even early in the morning when I see her with no makeup. Agnes is also one of the most generous people I know and it is pleasure working with her.
Love, Anthony Pazos

3 - @Anthony. I read that Agnes-Nicole will return to Swedish Hollywood Wifes, is that true? I do hope so the latest added characters made me lose interest in the series. Agnes-Nicole's return would certainly be good for the Swedish Hollywood Wifes.

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