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The Swedish Institute has launched a new beta web site for international students, scholars and professionals that are in Sweden or have been in Sweden. The site is also open for people who are planning to come to Sweden as students or professionals.

The web site is called SwedenInTouch.se. It is supposed to serve as a network offering networking opportunities, blogs, bulletin boards and calendar.

At the date of the launch on September 30th the network had almost 6 000 members from over 100 countries.  

Some of Sweden’s largest universities are collaborating with this new portal; KTH – the Royal Institute of Technology, Jönköping International Business School, Dalarna University, Örebro University, Stockholm University, Linköping University, Umeå University, University of Gothenburg, Halmstad University, Chalmers University of Technology and Stockholm School of Economics.

The web site looks nice and well organized. However, when I made a search for people that live in the USA I got a number of “people’ that looked more like spammers, for example someone called aber hab who claimed to live in NY but had an url for a site that looked like a place to find Russian women, there was also an amiir who claimed he lived in Florida but had an url for laser hair removal. Those spammers will probably be removed and there seem to be some real people on the list of people in the USA who has an interest in Sweden. The site can with some more development on the search function and prevention of spammers become an interesting hub for everyone with a professional or educational interest in Sweden.

I was a little bit disappointed to not see my alma mater, Uppsala University on the list of partners to SwedenInTouch, I do hope they will join.

Check out the web site yourselves here http://www.swedenintouch.se

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