Mara New reports from Hollywood

A picture named M2
  Agnes-Nicole Winter and Mara New     Courtesy Mara New

Mara New contacted us about her close relationship with Agnes-Nicole Winter from the Swedish TV- series Svenska Hollywoodfruar.  Mara can be seen in the show as the friend of Agnes-Nicole who takes care of her beloved dog, Ruffy.  In a few sentences Mara describes the first impressions many Americans get when the meet a Swede for the first time, “I was intimated by her beauty and somehow I thought she might be a little stuck up and I did not know that she has a great sense of humor.”  

by Mara New

Agnes Nicole Winter and I share a very unique BFF relationship, especially in this town of gossip and sometimes backstabbers.

The first time I met Agnes Nicole, Actress, Film Producer, Writer and Philanthropist. I was intimidated by her beauty and somehow I thought she might be a little stuck up and I did not know that she has a great sense of humor.We attend Red Carpets events, charity balls and we work together in the movies. There is absolutely no jealousy between us, we help each other in business and in friendship.

As a matter of facts we run things by each other before we pursue them.

 We enjoy going to the spa together, lunches, and I make a great Cappuccino with my semi-industrial machine. When she comes to my home, my husband Ron plays piano for us .

Our friendship bonded when she was going through her divorce and had to move from her Beverly Hills home and needed a place for her dog Ruffy. She was moving to a Penthouse and pets were not allowed. She came to me asking if I knewsomeone who could take care of Ruffy. I already have 2 Jack Russels, Martini and Tequila.

A picture named M2 

Ruffy                          Courtesy Mara New

I had co-starred with Ruffy in the movie “The Gold and the Beautiful”, produced byAgnes Nicole. I love all animals andI decided then and there to help a friend in need and take in this beautiful creature. Now Agnes Nicole is happy that she can visit Ruffy anytime she wants to. Ruffy is continuing to be on screen and most recently in the very successful TV series “Swedish Hollywood wives”.

Like Dionne Warwick sang      “That’s what friends are for….”


1 - Enjoyed reading about your beautiful friendship.It reminded me of my dear Swedish friend, Titi Wachtmeister who truly understood what friendship is all about.Though she is no more with us, I 'm sure she is still watching over her friends- like an angel.
Would love to see the TV show.

2 - how did Titi Wachmeister die? I knew her as a child.

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