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One of the most talked about Swedes in Florida these days, Elin Nordegren's Tiger has turned into a cheetah and Anna Aberg's duck has left the pond.The Swedish blondes in distress have a few things in common, they allegedly attacked their husbands, Anna by hurling an ice cube and Elin by swinging a golf club. They married celebs and they have children with their famous husbands.  Their hubbies are good for millions of dollars and in case of a divorce they will probably walk away with some millions on their bank accounts.

 Elin being the beautiful, young and media shy girl who seems to have really fallen for her successful husband and not the the fab life in the spotlight of course gets all the sympathies.  She has been supporting her husband and given birth to two children.  Now we now know that when she was building their family her husband was out having sex with a number of women that seem to grow every day. He obviously picked up what was most convenient, such as waitresses and night club workers that happened to be around when he was out partying with his entourage. It has been going on for many years and it is a mystery how he could keep such a promiscuous life style a secret to his fans and his wife.  I think many people ask themselves if the wife really did not suspect anything until Thanksgiving of 2009. Well, we might never find out and it really is not our business.  For media though this is big business and they will eventually dig out pieces and bits of the truth and weave it together with speculations and statements from whomever wants to talk to them.  

I guess Woods is strategizing with his advisors and PR people on how to handle a situation that now has spun completely out of their control.  Tiger Woods is not only a husband and a father, he is also a brand name that needs to be protected.  The challenge on how to spin this situation in the right direction is gigantic, several mistakes have been made already and damage control came in too late.

Of course Tiger Woods should have come out immediately with an interview, made a complete wet poodle to his wife, his children, his sponsors and his fans, signed himself into a sex addiction clinic, he can call David Duchovny and ask him for advice on good clinics. In other words, manned-up to the situation and taken care of his problems accurately and left his wife and children to heal.  The news that Tiger is trying to bribe his wife to stay makes him look cold and business like.  She does not owe him anything after what he did to her and their children.  

And only in America, in the midst of this crisis, Oprah Winfrey calls, some PR gurus think that she is the only one who can save Tiger Woods.  For one thing Elin can feel safe about Oprah and Tiger not hitting it off, Oprah is too old and too big to fit Tigers profile of humpable girlfriends. Can Oprah save Tigers brand name though, well I am sure if she cannot, Dr Phil is waiting in line drooling at the opportunity to save the Woods marriage.  

On the west coast Anna Anka is now fighting for the millions. After only 18 months of marriage her husband is filing for divorce.  I do understand Paul Anka, he is an old and wealthy man who still enjoys his work, why should he expose himself to this ding bat of a woman.  Good for you Paul Anka! My advice to Paul Anka is to wear a helmet during the divorce negotiations and quickly sign a big enough check to get this woman out of your life.  Do try to hold on to your son though, I think he will be better off with his father.  

Interestingly enough, Anna Anka only a few months ago named herself a role model for Swedish women, dishing out insults to Swedish women and men. Now she refuses to take the calls from media to comment on her being kicked out from her marriage.  No one feels sorry for Anna Anka, hopefully she will consider the old saying that beauty comes from inside and sign herself into an anger management clinic.

I am sure she will make a strong comeback though, with more advice and insults to the Swedish people, as soon as she has cashed the check from old hubby.


1 - I have found additional info about Elin Nordegren, though I don't actually like all these celebrities who are really too well off for their own good, but it's mine subjective opinion Emoticon

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