Bland Tomtar och Troll by John Bauer

A picture named M2
Titta på dem, sade trollmor. Titta på mina söner! Vackrare troll finns inte på denna sidan månen.
Look at them, mother troll said. Look at my sons! There are no trolls more beautiful than them on this side of the moon.
From Tomtar och Troll by John Bauer 1915

John Bauer was born in Jönköping 1882, at sixteen he entered the Royal Swedish Academy of Art in Stockholm. At the academy he met his wife Esther who he married in 1906. Esther was the model for the fairy princess Tuvstarr. John and Esther studied art in Germany and Italy between the years of 1908.
John, Ester and their two-year-old son Bengt died in the shipwreck of Per Brahe on their way to Stockholm.

The photos and texts from Bland Tomtar och Troll is mesmerizing to say the least. I remember when I was a young girl visiting my grandmother in Stockholm over Christmas and she took out an old copy of Bland Tomtar och Troll.  It was the same magic every year.

If you want to get a copy of the book I recommend you to do a search for the book on they have some copies of the book that can be ordered from the USA.    

Read more about John Bauer here  


1 - I am looking for a quality print of one of John Bauer's drawings/paintings. Can you please get it touch with me?

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