Scandinavian & Baltic Trade Association

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The Scandinavian & Baltic Trade Association, Scandbalt, is the only non-profit organisation in the USA that represents Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and the USA under the same administration.

Scandbalt's primary goal is to provide a high quality business network for everyone engaged in or interested in commerce and/or cultural exchange between the countries we represent.

Scandbalt also provides the vehicle to foster a general interest in these countries and offer an ample forum for our members and their ideas.

Scanbalt can help you get new business connections on either side of the Atlantic ocean, our vast network of businesses and organisations in the five Scandinavian, three Baltic countries and the United States is available to all of our members.  

Contact information

11199 69th STREET N.
Phone: +1 (727) 415-5088
Fax: +1 (727) 415-5088
Web URL:

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