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The Swedish Club of Sarasota was founded in 1988 and has grown to have around 400 names on our mailing lists with a majority being members of
the club. We started the club to preserve Swedish culture in America and foster fellow ship among people with Swedish-American interests.
We have usually four to six activities a year. The most atteneded and most popular event is the Lucia celebration event when we fill up a whole church (4 to 500 people).

 Other popular events are the craw fish
parties, the scrimp parties and the peasoup dinners. The club also arranges midsummer parties but with the new Swedish Club of Tampa gaining grounds, we have decided to coordinate with them certain
events. The club recently celebrated the 20th anniversary with a successful gala dinner and dance. The Swedish Club of Sarasota also arranges entertainment events, recently we have had Lill-Babs perform here in Sarasota and a visit from the most famous foreign correspondents in Sweden, Ulf Nilson, who gave us insights as to what is happening in the world, US, Europe and Sweden. The Swedish Club of
Sarasota will continue to contribute to the preservation of Swedish-American cultures in the USA and we are so thankful that we have so
many active members who make sure the tradition continues.

Contact info

S. Boulevard of Presidents
Phone: 941-377-2150
Web URL: http://www.swedishclubsarasota.org
Email: info@swedishclubsarasota.org


3 - Interested in experiencing and preserving our Swedish traditions. Three sisters in DeLand FL, ages 58 and above. Mom's maiden name - Anderson. Please send notice of events, membership fee, etc. Thank you!

4 - @Irene Gå med i svenska klubben så kan du få information om deras evenemang och genom dessa träffa många trevliga svenskar i Tampa Bay området.

5 - Hejsan,
jag ar intreserad at bli en medlem i Svenska cluben. Jag skulle tycka det var trevligt. Irene Moore.

6 - When my wife was a live we celebrated Lucia in our house for over 45 years. She passed away 6 years ago. I play the accordian for the city of Sanford's Lucia. I would love to attend your Lucia and receive your monthly bulletin. Thanking you in advance. Larry

7 - Hur står det till?

I am half Swede (mother's side - Anderson). I'd like to know more information. I am doing my genealogy and am in process of relearning my swedish (svenska). It has helped in looking up records.

I am also wanting to visit Sweden some day - not as a tourist but planting my feet were my ancestors came from!

Please help! I want to learn swedish.

I'm in Orlando.

8 - I am in FL in the winters and very interested in learning more about your club and its events. If you have a newsletter please let me know how to subscribe. Both my parents were born in Sweden. Thank you.

9 - I would love more information on your club. My parents and relatives are now all deceased and I am missing my roots.

10 - Each winter we host a few families from Sweden at our Tampa Vacation Rental, so interested to be kept up to date on activities they may enjoy while visiting.

11 - hello, I just bought a condo on Siesta Key,where I plan to spend half the year. Otherwise i live on Gotland. I have no trouble finding Swedes that want to come and visit me, but it would be nice to find
someone more local to mingle with, too....ideally, that person enjoys to play recreational tennis.

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