What a wonderful Christmas

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We had a wonderful three days of Christmas this year. Sharing great food with friends and family combined with nice and cool weather so that we could use our fireplace made this Christmas a great end of a gloomy year.

I got almost everything from my food shopping list except for Julmust. The Julmust was gone almost as soon as it hit the shelves of IKEA, next year I will make sure to buy the Julmust as soon as I see it in the store. Otherwise we got the julbord the way we wanted it. My oldest daughter made her first Janssons frestelse and it came out really good. The Christmas ham bought from Publix and then griljerad with mustard tasted exactly like the ones we had in Sweden. The kids and my husband made a success singing Tand Ett Ljus on Christmas Day. I was not allowed to publish any videos or photos of that event though.

A picture named M2

We have been eating and cooking for three days, yesterday we got some excercise when we took down a dead tree and piled it up for a big bon fire we will enjoy another cool day. Today we will be visiting Orlando and check out the downtown area as well as pay a visit to H&M we will make sure to do a lot of walking to shed the extra pounds from the Christmas food.

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