Shopping at H&M in Orlando

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I and my daughters had never visited an H&M store outside Sweden before so we decided to make a trip to Orlando. It took us hours to get from Tampa to the Florida Mall in Orlando, the traffic was horrible, obviously we were not the only ones that decided to go out for a drive during the holidays. Being time optimist I had planned for us girls to first go for a nice stroll in downtown and have lunch in a nice restaurant.

The plans had to be changed when we realised that 4 was congested all the way from Kissimmee to the turnpike. We were happy to make it to the Florida Mall starving for a late lunch. The quick lunch at the food court there was not what we had planned, overpriced and undercooked but what can starving girls do to make sure to not faint during a shopping spree.  The H&M store was quite big, not as big as the one we used to go to in Uppsala but bigger than the one in Visby. We tried to take some interior photos but we were told by an employee that it was against H&M policy to allow customers to take interior photos. Anyways, here is one of the photos we took before we were told to put the camera away.

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They had lot of heavy knit wear for sale, even though the day was unusually cold, there are very few days of the year you feel like walking around in heave knitted clothes. Most of the cool clothes that we liked were only available in small or xsmall, but we managed to get some nice tops and some jeans and jeggings. The prices were low as we had expected and we will see about the quality.

It was a sale going on but there was nothing really interesting at the sale, plenty of awkward clothes in ugly colors.

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We spent around $100 each and we had to work hard to spend that money as many of the clothes did not come in our sizes or the colors we wanted. Next time I hope they will have better selection and range of sizes. We saw some really cool people shopping there though, looked like the fashionistas of Orlando.

It is a pity that H&M chose Florida Mall for their store, it would have been so much better in Mall at Millenia next to IKEA, a much nicer mall and also close to another Swedish company.  I wonder when we will see an H&M in Tampa?

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