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After a wonderful two weeks of cooking and having new and old  friends over from all corners of the world I feel inspired and ready for a new year. Cooking is the best therapy for me and to have good friends come over and enjoy my food is so much fun. Obviously a slight weight gain is to expect from all the social eating but I think that one week off carbs will make me lose most of the extra water I gained by eating a little bit to much.

My daughters have been baking a lot during the holidays and we have decided to only eat homemade bread this year to make sure we know what we are eating and the fact that home made bread is so much cheaper and tastier than the store bought bread.
Inspired by others in our community we will also investigate the possbilities to buy meat directly from the farms that raise the cattle and sheep. We would do that for two reasons, number one to make sure we get animals that have been roaming free and grazing all their lifes and not having been kept under horrid conditions in feed lots being corn fed to gain weight before slaughter. The feed an animal is given radically changes its meat. The most healthy meat ment for human consumption comes from grazing animals.
The eggs we eat mostly comes from friends that keep a few hens themselves that are roaming free and eat a lot of fresh grass, once you get started eating those eggs, you can never go back to the fish tasting eggs you get from cage kept, abused "egg machines".
Locally produced vegetables and fruits we already buy and we will try not to eat any vegetable or fruit that has travelled longer than 100 miles to be on our table. Who needs California strawberries in December when we have the best oranges available in Florida this time of the year?
The kids will be engaged in our quest for good food and we will share our findings here.  

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