Irresponsable news reporting from 10 Connects in Tampa Bay

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Yesterday I was having breakfast in bed and was watching the news. Normally I do not watch the local news here in Tampa Bay as they seldom report on news but merely minor events of no interest for me. However I was flipping between CNN news and 10 Connects and on 10 Connects morning show I got to see another example of thoughtless encouraging of irresponsable dog ownership.

There was a group of mixed breed puppies of different ages brought into the studio from one of those numerous animal rescue groups. The puppies had been rescued from a puppie mill in Georgia that had been flooded. For unknown reasons the dogs had been brought to Florida and now the poor dogs where brought into the studio and the reporters where ohhing and ahhing over the sweeeeet and quoooote the puppies.
To encourage impulsive buying of puppies the way 10 Connect did, will indeed cause that many of those puppies that were so quoote on TV end up abused and neglected. Buying a puppie means that you take on an animal that will be depending on you for 10 to 15 years 24/7. They will need food, water, excercise, preventive and urgent vet care, training and company. Dogs are social animals and will, if not enough stimulated become a nuisance for their owners and live a miserable life.
Dogs born and bred in puppie mills or under bad conditions are prone to disease and mental problems. To take on a dog from unknown sources or known bad conditions means that you will have to be prepared to spend extra time and money on caring for such animals.
Why cannot 10 Connects teach their audience about dogs instead and bring serious breeders to their studio that can tell the general public about real dog care and how they select their buyers.
There are to many dogs bred in the USA and there are to many  abused and neglected dogs, many of them are mixes and crosses bred by individuals that sell because they offer puppies at markets and per stores to people that will buy the puppy on impuls not realising that it is quite a project to own and care for a dog.
Shame on you 10 Connect for encouraging impulsive buying of defenseless puppies.
Here is a link for you that consider buying a dog and for 10 Connects to study before they bring in next batch of quooote puppies.

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