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GM is trying to get the most out of their sale of SAAB by using media for a public auction of the brand. One day the Swedish part of the company will be liquidated and the other day Spyker are ready to buy. Customary for American companies the bottom line counts and employees and other small businesses affected by their descison does not matter. They ignore the stressed out employees in Sweden that are being torn apart from not knowing from day to day if they will have a job with SAAB in the nearest future. Media is happy to participate in playing these games and help GM to up the bids for SAAB, this is about the bottom line for the media as well, they make money from news. Even if SAAB gets a new owner I doubt they will take over the 2000 employees in Sweden, a new owner will slim and trim the company in order to make it profitable.

GM will sell to the highest bidder and I do not think for a minute that they intend to just liquidate and let go of SAAB, GM owes US taxpayers 6,7 billion dollars and has delcared that they intend to repay their loan in June this year and show a profit in 2010, every dollar counts for GM . They want to make sure to sqeeze out as much as possible for the Swedish car brand they bought promising an gigantic marketing campaign in the US to make the brand known and attractive on the US market that by then was the biggest car market in the world. Today China is the biggest market and GM failed to make the brand popular in the USA. SAAB just did not fly through the clouds, no matter that GM launched a huge campaign some years ago with TV commercials tempting us that the SAAB was born by jets. The Americans that wanted European luxury brands stayed with Mercedes, BMW and Audi and the popular Volvo SUV.

The Swedish SAAB employers has gotten a bitter taste of how predatory market economy works. Prepare for change! During a manifest outside the SAAB plant in Trollhattan last Tuesday arranged by the union GM got a few not so nice names; General Mistake and Gangster Motors were some of the names the SAAB workers called their employer. Honestly I do not think GM cares, this is not a popularity contest it is about the almighty dollar.  

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