Who is protecting the people of Haiti

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The earthquake that shook Haiti a week ago, hit the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. With more than 80% of the population living under the poverty line, the environment in decay and non-stop political violence, where those who are elected ato protect instead massacre their own people, one would think that the 9 million people of Haiti have suffered enough.

Earthquakes do not kill people, collapsing buildings do. The four hurricanes that hit Haiti in 2008 had such a devastating effect as man has plundered the environment, the trees that prevent erotion is gone and the soil is so starved of nutrients that few things can be grown on this barren land anymore.

In 1492 an island called Hispaniola was discovered by Columbus and soon the island was invaded by Spanish settlers who eradicted the native Taino Amerindians. In the 17th century the French arrived and were given the part of Hispaniola that is today called Haiti. The French built a successful industry based on forestry and sugar, workers were imported African slaves. Haiti became one of the wealthiest colonies of the Caribbean.

Towards the end of the 18th century there were more than half a million slaves on Haiti, many enough to revolt and win indepence from France in 1804. The new leadership took over a country that had been emptied on their natural assets such as forestry, there has never been policial stability in the country to re-build what the colonialists took and to create a stable democracy.

Today 95% of the population is black and 5% are mulatt, the 5% mulattt controls the bigger part of the wealth of Haiti. The literacy rate is 53%, this is how many people above the age of 15 that can red and write.

The country cannot support itself on food so foremostly rice is imported from the US, it is expensive and the so called Miami-rice is not affordable for the poor, this in despite the fact that over 60% of the population is engaged in the agricultural business.  

Hillary Clinton flew in to Haiti last Saturday to oversee the catastrophy I guess and to show that US is engaged in helping in the first acute phase of the recovery. This is not the first time a Clinton is visiting Haiti. Bill Clinton has been accused of siding with the Haitian elite to worked with the Bush administration to kidnap president Aristide in 2004.
Actually the Clintons should not be to popular with the large masses of poor in Haiti since Bill Clinton was accused by many of supporting and help covering up a UN involvment in human right abuses during a massacre in the slum city Cite Soleil in 2005.  

The Haiti Information Project (HIP), http://www.haitiaction.net, a non-profit alternative news service, winner of the Censored 2008 Real News Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism has several reports on military assault by UN forces and their oversight of the Haitian police as they performed summary executions and false arrests following Aristides ouster in 2004.
During the Cite Soliel massacre 22 000 rounds was fired into the pro-Aristide slum.

When Bill Clinton visited Haiti as the UN Special Envoy for the country four years after the massacre and claimed that Haiti now was safer than ever due to the big presence of UN soldiers and a stronger Haitian police, and also claimed that children now walked without fear in the streets of Cite Soleil, he caused a lot of anger in those who remember the bloody massacre there in 2005.

So who can this poor people trust, if they have been massacred by their own government, natural disasters and even the blue helmets, the UN workers who everyone thinks are there to protect the vulnerable.

Again, we see how violence is taking over the streets of Haiti, and how US military is taking over first the airport and soon enough the streets.

Who will monitor the work of the peace keeping UN forces, Haitian police and US military?

My personal contributions, after having done my homework, is to support the Haiti Information Project.


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