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I set out exploring the web for a charity I can give my Haiti donations to. I found Paul Farmer physician and medical anthropologist from Cambridge, Mass. Paul Farmer came to Haiti 27 years ago and should know this little country very well. His organisation Partners in Health, has been in Haiti for 20 years and did not pop up like opportunistic mushrooms to soak up money. The Partners in Health has developed a special web site for helping Haiti http://www.standwithhaiti.org/haiti.

I so  agree with the five principles they work for, namely a strong foundation of primary care, free healthcare and education for the poor (I think healthcare and education should be equal and free for everyone), community partnerships, fighting the poverty of the root of poor health and the obvious serving the poor through the public sector. It is sad to see the poor, uneducated and sick here in the US being in hands of all kinds of charities instead of relying on a strong public sector that would treat everyone equally.  This organisation was fit like a glove to my own ideas. I am happy I took time to research.
Anyways, researching this organisation, I found the founder, Paul Farmer to be on the Foreign Policy Magazine's Top 100 Global Thinkers together with some really interesting people.
The FP did a great job selecting 100 thinkers, I am not sure I agree that all of them are top global thinkers, for example Bill Clinton I would not place in the category thinker rather in the category fake liberals with Swedish Bengt Westerberg..
However, I looked through the list and realised that there are so many new books by modern great thinkers I have not read. I have already picked two book I must get hold of this weekend.
Look at the list and pick your top reads as well http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2009/11/30/the_fp_top_100_global_thinkers?page=full.

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