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A sinkhole has been discovered underneath a house in our neighborhood. Horrible news for the owners that now has to dig up all the floors in the house and fill in the sinkhole. It had been a lot of talk about sinkholes since the freeze a few weeks ago when a lot of sinkholes appeared in areas where vegetable growers where irrigating their plants non-stop for days to avoid frost damages to their crop.

Man certainly cause some sinkholes to appear, just by putting pressure the ground by buildings, by changing waterflows or by draining water by pumping up excessive amounts of water man has caused sinkholes to appear. No one is safe really, some places are better than others in Florida, Sarasota seems to be a good place to be if you do not want a sinkhole under your house.
Read more on sinkholes here  This reference is even better, does not look so good for the Tampa Bay area though

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