The Swedish Church in Florida

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     Visby domkyrka my home church

The Swedish church is very present in Swedish every day life, more than 7 million Swedes of a total population of 9 millions belong to the Evengelical Lutheran church of Sweden. Our churches are beautiful buildings with attracitve exteriors and heavenly interiors. Walking into a Swedish church is a very special feeling of greatness and warmth. The church is of course more than the building it is also a sacred place and a place for communion. The Swedish church abroad is not so much about a place but to provide a place for Swedish speaking friendship, a place to worship.

The first reverend of the Swedish Church of Florida, Olof Olsson, was inaugurated on December 6, 2009 in St Martin’s Episcopal Church, Pompano Beach.
The Swedish Church in Florida is one of 45 Swedish Churches abroad. There church will not reside in a specific location but will use other churches in order to work with Swedes all over Florida.
For more information go to
or call 954-604-4212 email chuch assistant Marie Olsson at

Upcoming events
Söndagen den 31 jan kl 17.00
Högmässa med dop i St Martin’s Episcopal Church
140 South East 28th Ave
Pompano Beach FL 33062
Kören medverkar. Präst Olof Olsson

Söndagen den 7 februari kl 17.00
Gudstjänst i Miami Immanuel Lutheran Church

1770 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33129
Körsång mm
Präst Olof Olsson

I am looking forward to events in the Tampa Bay area!

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