SBTA annual meeting and the way to the Nobel Prize

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Norwegian brothers, Ivar the president of SBTA and Ivar the Nobel Prize winner.

During the first power luncheon of 2010, SBTA elected a new board and declared that they will launch a new web site within a week.  I am looking forward to an updated and fresh look together with added functionality of the SBTA web. The 1973 Nobel Prize winner in physics, Ivar Giaever made a highly appreciated presentation of his way to the Nobel Prize.  

Ivar who was born in Norway 1929 and became one of 100 students, all male,  at the Trondheim  University in 1945. He did not get accepted to study at the electrical engineer program as he had a B in French. He therefore studied to become a mechanical engineer.  After studies and one mandatory year in the army, Ivar got married. The newly wed could not get a house in Norway and therefore emigrated to Canada, where they arrived with nothing but 200 dollars cash.

A picture named M2
Ivar and his wife.

Thanks to a Norwegian network he found a job and was later employed at General Electric's Global Research Lab.
During a lecture held by Professor Huntington, Ivar got his "super idea". In one week he had set up a superconductory experiment that set the standard for this test. For this test, Ivar was presented the Nobel Prize.  

If anyone is interested in the chance for a physisist in the USA to get the Nobel Prize, Ivar has developed a mathematical formula for that:

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