Anna Anka, a role model for Swedish women?

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Anna Anka's verbal and physical abuse towards her husband Paul Anka has given certain American women with tall, blonde Swede complex a chance to strike back against us Swedish beauties. The blogger of Divorce Saloon concludes  after having followed the Paul and Anna Anka train wreck and also Elin Nordegren's alleged golf swing at her husband that Swedish women are "prone to anger, violence and histrionic fits". Read the blog here

No one really knows how many Swedes that live in the USA,  some guestimates claim that around 100 000 of us live here. So if 50% are women, there would be approximately 50 000 Swedish women in the USA.  Would the actions of one or two of them define Swedish women living in the USA as violent?  Maybe Swedish housewifes of famous American men are more violent and crazy?
Anna Anka certainly is bat shit crazy in plain American, Elin Woods though, seems to be a normal young woman who has taken the celeb status that came with marrying a sport superstar very well. As I have mentioned earlier, Anna Anka is Polish as she was born in Poland and adopted from an orphanage there by a Swedish family. So she really did not fit the bill to be participating in the Swedish reality soap, Swedish Hollywood Wifes. Anna Anka also stood out in the series as the non- typical Swede with her vile language, her uberhybris and sociopathic behaviour.  Actually I think she behaved very much like so called white trash.  She was very open in the Swedish series, that she had married an aged, rich, controlling,  sex maniac and if she did not give him oral sex every morning he would run out and get it from someone else.

I doubt Paul Anka  would be happy with his wife painting this picture of him. I must admit that after having watched all episodes of Swedish Hollywood wifes I think Anna Anka actually managed to completely trash Paul Anka's image. I was surprised to see this short, aged man smiling in the backgrond when his wife spewed nastyness on his fans and his long time friends.

Swedish women come in all shapes and forms, just like American women. Many Americans that visit Sweden, though, are overwhelmed by the number of tall, blond and beautiful women and men on the streets. And I as a Swede notice that there are many short, chubby, women and men here in the US.  
Like in many socialist countries in the world, the number of highly educated women are higher than average. Highly educated women can support themselves and they do not need men to achieve status in society.  I think many Swedish women are raised to be happy with themselves and to develop as human beings before getting married and once married, to work for equality in the marriage.
I did study at the university and many of my friends are well educated, unlike Anna Anka. I would be surprised to hear any of them claiming that a marriage is based on them giving their husbands oral sex every morning.

There are many Anna Anka's in Sweden of course, but I do not think Swedish women would like to identify with them or would like to see them as role models. I suggested before that Anna Anka would g o to an anger management clinic where she could work on her many issues. If Anna Anka ever comes to her senses, she could use some of her money to work for the adoption issues. Many adopted children get problems when they grow up, they feel abandoned by their biological parents, they feel odd and not accepted, and many get bitter and live unhappy lifes, just like Anna Anka.

Anka means duck in Swedish, so why not call the post-adoption charity Anna Anka's Duckling Academy for Wacky Adoptees. With such a catchy name she might even be able to set up her academy at Disney World!


1 - Quack, quack är för snällt för denna kalkon... Emoticon

2 - Jag förstår verkligen inte varför alla avskyr Anna Anka så djupt och innerligt. Det enda om något är att hon är annorlunda tänkande och det får man ju inte vara i Sverige. Alla ska tycka lika. Jag tycker Anna Anka verkar vara trevlig och genuin som vem som helst. <br /><br />Och sociopatiskt beteende? Var sjutton har du fått det ifrån.Emoticon

4 - @Sander. Jag tror nog att det ar ok att vara annorlunda tankande i Sverige och USA. Men man kan val vara det utan att forolampa andra, anvanda bad language, ljuga och motsaga sig sjalv!

5 - Även i Nordamerika finns det gränser för hur mycket man kan trampa över gränsen för vad some betecknas som vanligt beteende. När man passerat den gränsen så får man stämpeln douchebag.

6 - @Swede in Canada. Det senaste beteendet fran fru Anka vid utflytte fran exets hus bevisar att hon ar en sann douchebag!

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