Tomorrow is fettisdagen time to prepare semlor

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The Easter faste or  quadragesimais the Christian faste, the faste begins seven weeks before Easter. Swedes traditionally had a sweet, creamy and delicious bun, semla from latin simila which means wheat flour. The semla is served on the Tuesday, called the Fat Tuesday before the first day of faste. Today, we like to eat the semla even if we do not faste. It is super easy to make your own semlor. If you bake the buns today you can add filling and whipped cream tomorrow and have a semel party. We are cheating as the kids have the day off from school and have out semel party today. Warning, if you have to many semlor, you might have to faste for a week! And yet again, a traditional Swedish dish might have killed a king. King Adolf Fredrik died at the age of 60, on February 12, 1771, after having ended a banquet by eating 14 semlor.  

50 grams live yeast or the dry equivalent
75 gram  butter
5 dl  milk
1 dl  sugar
0,5 tsk  salt
1,5 l  flour

Almond paste, one small package, can be found at Publix
3 tbl spoons Heavy whipping cream


1. Owen 480 Farenheit.

2. Prepare the yeast according to the instructions on the packet by heating the milk to required temperature, note that dry yeast need a higher temperature of the milk than fresh yeast. Melt the butter and add to the milk, add sugar and salt.

3. Add flour and work the doe until it comes off the bowl.

5. Allow to rise for 30 minutes in covered bowl.

6. Roll out the doe into 4 equally big roles, split each roll into 10 pieces and form into round buns put the buns on a parchment paper on a baking tray and allow to rise under a cloth until the buns have douled in size.  

8. Bake in owen for 5-7 minutes.

9. Cool under cloth.


1. Cut of the top of the bun and dig out the inside.

2. Put the top of the bun aside and mix the inside of the bun with cream and marzipan.

3. Put the filling inside the bun.

4. Whip the cream until firm and put some cream on top of the buns and put the top of the bun onto the cream.

5. Sprinkle some confectioners sugar over the bun.

I modified the recipe from a recipe I found at

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