Tigers and ducks - again

A picture named M2

Last week our Swedish exotics made headlines again, the Tiger made a robotic mea culpa to his wife, his friends, his sponsors etc, etc, etc. Mrs Duck however was exposed for another cheat scheme by her husband the Duck.

Paul Anka sent a letter to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, claiming that Anna Anka had been promised $13 000 per episode for the Swedish version of Let's Dance, produced by TV4. Not only would she get paid she was also guaranteed a final place and the original intention was that Paul Anka should have written the song and music for the final performance. Obviously this came as a suprise to the Swedish viewers as they believed that they, together with a jury voted the winners of Let's Dance. What would Anna Anka say about this if she wasn't conveniently dodging the questions, probably something like;  "Swedish people are so stupid, do they really think that the TV networks or famous people like me care about what they think?
Anyways Anna Anka has been very generous in sharing tips on how to make a marriage work, now the Duck has turned against her and it is going to get wacky ugly. Elin Woods though, seems to be more loved and respected by her Tiger than ever.

Ok, so here we have two high profile cheaters with Swedish connections. My current recommendation for the Tiger is to step-up the intensity of his cheatment treatment a notch and sign himself in for a bitch slap training session with mrs Duck. I think one week with mrs Duck would be enough to kill the womanizer in the Tiger. Would he fail though, he would have to appear in the US version of Let's Dance with mrs Duck. The utter humiliation.
A second outcome of this scenario would be that the Tiger and mrs Duck fall madly in love and start producing little TigerDucklings.  

In the meantime I am sure mr Duck will write a romantic, supporting song to Elin Woods called a Duck in the Woods.

Ooops it looks like I wrote my first big selling soap opera! I will be waiting for a phone call from TV4.  

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