Svenska Hollywoodfruar season 2 - a big yawn

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Two episodes of the second season of Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywoodwifes) have been broadcasted by TV3 in Sweden. The women appearing in the docusoap obviously do not have to be wifes neither Swedish. Let us begin from the left of the photo above,
Paivi Hacker, 51 years old, born in Finland, moved to Sweden as a 9-year-old and to the USA at the age of 24.
Paivi is married to an American businessman, and it is obvious that she has spent more than half of her life in the US, she is not so Swedish anymore, she speaks with a Finnish-Swedish accent and her general appearance is as blank as her botoxed forehead. Paivi is a wife, but she is not Swedish.

Maria Montezami, 41 years old, born in Sweden married to an American real estate agent, appeared in season 1. Maria was very popular with the Swedish viewers, and I can understand why, she is very Swedish, originating from gnallbaltet, the whining belt, she has that typical slow, kind of whining way of expressing herself that appeals to many Swedes. Watching this woman in a typical US suburb setting is actually hilarious, however, she could have been living in any well-to-do suburb in the US as she seems to be completely disconnected from the glamorous Hollywood life.
Lena Jolton, does not want to reveal her age (pathetic, who cares anyways), born in Sweden, single, looks like she has been through a lot of plastic surgery, fillers and botox, reminds me a little bit about former Swedish Bond-girl Britt Ekland, probably in her age range as well. Gives an impression of pure desperation.
Suzanne Saperstein, 49 years old, born in Dalarna, Sweden, she speaks with a nasal Stockholm dialect, it is a pity she doesn't speak Dalmal, the dialect spoken where she comes from, it would have been so cool to hear this woman speak Dalmal walking through the the monstrous, malplaced house she and her former husband built. Suzanne is the most interesting personality in the new episodes though and she seems to be more complex and possibly smarter than the others. The appearance of the young- hunk- husband of Suzannes made me stop yawning for a while. Maybe I like Suzanne because I am also married to a younger man, who is a hunk, and like Suzanne I love and own horses. There however the similarities end, Suzanne is rich and fabulous, I am a poor and ordinary Swedish Floridawife.  
Anna Anka, (not in the photo) 38 years old, the housebitch from hell, appeared in the first season and became famous behaving like a psycopath. She will make a few guest appearances as she now has her own show on Swedish television, whatever and whenever the show is I will not watch. Afraid that people would lose interest in her persona she made the most rude and nasty comments about her estranged husband, Paul Anka who has filed for divorce. I quote her from an interview aired, uncensored, on Swedish television; "I am happy to be a single again, now I can finally be laid, with someone who can get it up hard, instead of having to be in bed with someone whose balls hang down to the knees and needs Viagra to get it up."  WTF TV3, cut the quack!

After the first two episodes I am more depressed than impressed. I do hope that the the two, one- in- a- dozen botox- bimbos Paivi and Lena will step-it-up and show us some interesting sides of their lifes. Maria continues her turtle like appearances mostly from her decorating her overdecorated house, she makes me feel good in a fuzzy kind of way and we prefer the same shade and obession of lipstick. Suzanne probably has a lot of things going on and can hopefully add some interest and drama to the series. The botox-bimbos so called Barbie party with young male topless servants did not look real but desperate.

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1 - Perhaps season 2 lacks a real Anna Anka, but I doubt there will ever be another Anna Anka type of character on the show. Her appearance on the show cost her her marriage. I think second season is okay though. I'm still fond of Maria. She's the real deal. The only artificial thing about her are the two botox injections she does every year. Päivi is quite funny but often she comes across as quite artificial. Lena is 53 or 54 years old. Her new age bullshit makes her a good sidekick. Suzanne lacks colour. She comes across as a very calculating type of person. And yes, she's a cougar, and that will most likely shorten her life expectancy ({ Link }

2 - Thanks for the reply. These shows creates a love/hate relationship, eh?! Emoticon

I think your idea about younger Swedes making a splash in the big country to the south would have been cool. It would definitely appeal a lot to us who are younger (for real or in one's heart). As for Päivi... yeah, she does seem quite wired at times.

I tend to watch Svenska Hollywoodfruar ("Swedish Hollywood wives") and Anna Anka söker assistent ("Anna Anka is searching for an assistant") on TV3. The grand finale of latter show was a disappointment. Three people left and the least competent one wins. Well, what is there to expect from Anna Anka... she has such a bombastic personality ({ Link } and twisted image of herself. To bad for her that the winner quit the job after just three months. But then again... most people would probably have quit earlier than that. Emoticon

All the best. Emoticon

3 - @Swede in Canada. Ah, my favourite subject to hate! I still have two episodes to catch up with. Obviously Anna Anka could not be replaced, there is no real wing nut to watch now. Maria is very cosy and nice but I still find her boring. I agree to 100% that Paivi is artificial, maybe she is trying to be something she is not or maybe she is on drugs. Lena is a little bit boring as well, I mean new age is more out than in isn't it. I think Lena and Paivi are dinosaurs, I would have liked to see new Swedes that are the movers and shakers of LA, not some worn out oldies. Funny you would say that Suzanne is calculating, I did not see her that way at all, now I really need to make time for some more Housewife watching.

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