Congratulations USA!

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Finally, USA steps up to the same level of healthcare as the rest of the developed western world, thanks to Obama's healthcare reform. Mandatory healthcare insurance for everyone is a step in the right direction. The health care industry, or the health care insurance companies, have spent billions of dollars on lobbying against a reform. Obviously this industry has harvested gigantic profits on the malfunctional US healthcare system.  I think that for any European, socialist or capitalist, it is very difficult to understand how the US being the leading super power of the wealthy, industrialised world, has failed to provide basic healthcare to all of its people.Anyways, the bill's passage by the House of Representatives on Sunday, 219 votes against 216, is a historic victory for Obama. He has been brave enough to keep the healthcare for all Americans at the top of his agenda, for this he will be remembered forever. Yes, he could!  


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