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Is Sven an Alexander Skarsgard or Lill Babs?

Sven is a new magazine in Swedish, by Swedes, for Swedes living abroad.  

The first issue was published in 2009 and is available as a printed version and an online version, the subscription fee for both versions is 80 SEK (ca 10 USD/year for 7 issues) postage is added to the subscription fee for the print version.  The magazine is printed in the USA.  The first issue was printed in 8000 copies.  

The owners and founders of the magazine are three Swedish women living abroad who met through different Swedish networking sites.

Editor in Chief Michelle Cadeau,  lives in a suburb to New York City. Michelle founded a web site for Swedish moms living abroad. Editor and graphic designer is Emma Ageberg who works as a graphic designer in Bologna, Italy. Louise Sverud is responsible for advertising and marketing, she works with communications in Los Cocoteros, Lanzarote

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Sven wants to be a fun and informal magazine for, by and about expat Swedes all over the world.

The first and second issue contains takes up themes such as why people leave Sweden for a life abroad, how to improve and maintain the Swedish language, a Swedish chef living and working in New York is profiled and the theme country is Brazil in the first issue. Sven also publish some short facts about Swedish immigration such as in 2006 45 000 Swedes left their homeland for a life in another country and that approximately 400 000 Swedes currently live abroad. The language is easy to read with a flow and people interviewed add different aspects of being a Swede abroad.  The second issue had a focus on men as the first issue had excluded the male view on living abroad.

Sven is a pleasant magazine with an attractive layout and design, the language is casual but correct and easy to read. The people interviewed are overall good and nice Swedes, most of them well educated with an interesting career.  Flipping through the magazine I almost felt the soft wind from the beach and my hand went out for that drink adorned with umbrellas and exotic fruit. The countries that have been featured so far are mostly popular tourist destinations and the people are very nice and well mannered Swedes.

More fierceness please

Fun and informal can also have an edge.  A little bit more fierceness and portraits of some dare devil Swedes, would make me read next issue as well.  To nice can be boring and predictable.  After only two issues out though, Sven is still working on finding itself and the spirit of the Swede abroad. I am also curious about the choice of language, I understand Swedish is convenient considering the goal for the magazine to be global. However, many Swedes living abroad have non-Swedish speaking members of the household. I would appreciate if some of the articles came in other language versions as well.

 Do I need Sven, will I read Sven? I will follow Sven grow up and hope that Sven will bring a little bit more edgy and fab stuff to the reader, or shall I say more Alexander Skarsgard than Lill Babs!  


1 - SVEN update:
Since SVEN number 2 it is a free e-magazine that you can read on issuu, from our homepage

It is still only in Swedish, but in the future we might consider writing in other languages. The question is in which?

We think we have more Alexander Skarsgårds then Lill-Babs in the magazine, but that is up to everyone to decide what he or she think is more fabulous…

SVEN number 4 will be published in the end of November containing "Fashion and Clothes made by Swedes abroad", "Winter in Sweden" and the theme country is Spain.

2 - @Emma. Do you still distribute a print version of the magazine? I think you should make an English version as well. Good luck with the next issue!

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