Scandinavian Fest in New Jersey

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Why not get out of the Florida heat and humidity in September 5 and participate in the Scandinavian Fest in New Jersey. This is a grand party for Scandiavians including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This is the 26th year the Fest is arranged and judging from the photos from last year, they seem to have a lot of Scandinavian fun. For more information go to

There will be Scandinavian artisans from all over the US that will offer typical Scandinavian handcraft as well as plenty of Scandinavian food from vendors. I can see that this fest is really about feeling Scandinavian!

A picture named M2
Vasa Stjarnans Dance Group performing at the Scandinavian Fest in 2009 Photo: Courtesy

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Real vikings at the Scandinavian Fest in 2009 Photo: Courtesy

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