Ragnarök on Iceland

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Eddan (800 - 1000 AD), the Nordic God and Hero poems, forecasted the end of the earth through ragnarök from a gigantic vulcano. The first poem in Eddan, Valans Spådom The profecy of the Vala,  includes the prophecy of  Ragnarök, the end of the earth.

The sun seems to darken
earth is falling into the sea,
glistening stars
fall from heaven
fire is roaring
with clouds of smoke,
tounges of fire strikes high
towards the sky

The volcano Lakis eruption in 1783 caused ashes to spread all over Iceland and over a big part of Europe the ash cloud lasted for eight months and more than one fourth of the Icelandic population was killed together with more than half of the livestock on the island. Many people also died in Great Britian, France and Germany from the poisonous ash rain. The climate changed to the worse for a long time in Europe causing famine, some historian belive that this was one of the main instigators to the French revolution.
Eyafjallajökull is a smaller volcano than Lakis and it will hopefully not cause death, famine and revolutions but many people in Europe today get to feel the power of Ragnarök as life came to a standstill when people and goods could not be transported by air. Amazingly enough, one of the airports that did not have to close yesterday was the Icelandic airport as
westerly winds blew the ash clouds away from the island.
The complete version of Valans Spådom translated into Swedish can be found here http://runeberg.org/eddan/se-01.html

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