Swedish chairman of BP must answer tough questions

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The Swedish chairman of BP, Carl-Henric Svanberg former CEO of Ericsson, will have to pilot his new company through tough times after the explosion on the oil rigg in the Mexican Gulf some days ago.
800 tons of oil is being pumped out into the Mexican Gulf every day through the whole that was left after the oil rigg exploded, the oil can continue run out into the Gulf for 90 days or more , worst case scenario and destroy wildlife, the eco system of the Mexican Gulf as well as thousands of miles of beaches and sensitive mangrove swamps along the coast lines of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Barack Obama has made it clear that according to the Oil Pollution Act, BP is responsible to cover all costs for cleaning up the oil, currently the cost is 6 million dollars per day. However, one can not feel bad for BP, money can be replaced and so can CEOs, seabirds, fish and other animals and plants that are poisoned and killed, cannot be replaced that easily. Let us hope that the number one focus now is preventing the oil to reach the coastlines and the no effort or cost is spared to save the eco system of the Mexican Gulf coastline.

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