Crazy traffic signs in Florida

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Crazy sign number one, note the red light and the white sign saying Stop on Red Signal, do drivers not know that a red light means stop anymore?  Another sign (note the pun) of the dumbing down of America.

Driving in Florida is certainly an experience. The drivers here are not as well educated and predictable as the drivers in Sweden. One has to be prepared for crazy maneuvres from drivers all the time and the speed is quite high. My daughter went through drivers education in school and did her drivers test as a 16-year-old. Compared to the education and tests I went through as a teenager, I can say that the Florida teen drivers are not enough educated and prepared for being good citizens on the road.

The older drivers are not much better, many, many here are obviously ignorant or does not care about traffic rules. This in combination with the fact that Florida does not require an annual check-up of cars means that many wrecks that should not be out in the traffic are causing accidents as they might have breaks that does not function etc.  The car is the means of survival here as few Floridians have access to public communications, drivers that should not be behind the wheels are allowed to keep their drivers license as otherwise they could not go shopping or visit their doctor and run other errands.  One of the tips the drivers ed teacher gave my daughter was to consider all elderly drivers as potentially on drugs with extremely slow reaction time and little or no awareness about their surroundings! In other words, driving in Florida is about paying constant attention and be prepared for the worst at all times. However, the jungle of traffic signs, commercial signs and other things going on along the road side such as people waving signs for businesses, beggers in intersections, newspaper sales people running among the cars at red lights, crazy blinking road maintenance cars it is easy to be distracted from the road and the other drivers. I think that the traffic planners in Florida has little knowledge on how much a driver can process when they speed along on a four lane road in 55 or 70 miles an hour, how do they expect anyone to be able to read and understand the plethora of signs that are scattered along the road sides? Or are they paid commission by the traffic sign makers, that by the way must  be making a fortune here considering the number of signs here and how many times per year they have to be replaced because they are being run down.


1 - @Swede in Canada. I think I get enough here in Florida, I am sure driving in Beijing is a challenge, I remember that Athens in the 80's was pretty bad to!

2 - I didn't drive myself, but took surfed the city in a taxi (it was very cheap). It's amazing that not more people die in car accidents. Once we went to a restaurant with one our friends and she couldn't find a parking spot... well, no problem... she parked right on the sidewalk... Emoticon

3 - If you want crazy driving... Drive in Beijing, China. ;)

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