Downtime due to change of ISP

We will change our ISP and also do some server maintenance so if we are not here on Wednesday and Thursday, we will be back on Friday! I do hope you will miss us!


1 - Cool. Perhaps you can start with an article about Siv Cotton from Norska Hollywoodfruar (Norwegian Hollywood Wives)... she got a "degree" from University of Phoenix... the well-known diploma mill ({ Link } Watch { Link } at 2:30... I'm sure she's proud of it... Emoticon

3 - @Swede in Canada. Interestingly enough they mentioned University of Phoenix at NPR today as more or less a broiler farm, not academic more focused on producing degrees. Who is this Siv Cotton, what kind of name is this, almost like Anna Anka? Now you spiked my interest, will try to watch, why don't you write something about her though? You are more than welcome to be guest blogger here!

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