Now is the time to make Elderberry Flower Lemonade

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Swedes, especially Gotlanders, love to make elderberry lemonade from the large, white elderberry flowers.  Now is the time to make this delicious lemonade as the elder flowers are ready to pick. The Florida elder can be found along countryside roads, fence lines and channels. It is easy to stop the car and pick enough flowers to follow this easy recipe for a flowery lemonade.


2 sliced lemons

40 elderberry flowers

2 kg white sugar

30 g citric acid

1.5 l water


Wash the lemons thoroughly under running warm water, slice them. Layer lemon slices and elderberry flowers in a big bowl or bucket.  

Boil sugar, citric acid and water until the citric acid is dissolved. Pour the hot sugar water over the flowers and lemon slices. Let it stand for 5 days, stir a few times.

Strain the flowers and lemons and pour the lemonade in clean bottles. If you pour the lemonade into plastic bottles the lemonade can be frozen.

Elderberry Flower Mojito

Just add Elderberry Flower Lemonade instead of lime juice to the classic mojito and you get a Swedish flavor of this Cuban drink.

Muddle the elderberry flower lemonade with sugar and fresh mint leaves, mix in rum to taste. Top with ice cubes and sparkling water.  

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