The oil is here

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BP is delaying a request from the Pensacola Beach for sifting machines and a tractor, the request was sent more than three weeks ago and the Pensacola Beach officials have not heard anything from BP and today the oil will make landfall on the beach. BP has paid more than $25 million to Florida for marketing and PR, however, from today it would be false marketing to claim that all Florida beaches are clean and the water is crystal clear. The fact that BP quickly distributes funds for marketing instead of clean up shows clearly that the corporation shall not manage the clean-up, the government should. If BP consider this a PR event instead of the biggest environmental catastrophy in the history of the US, they can not be trusted to clean-up the environment.    
Today the oil reaches Florida beaches without clean-up equipment, while marketing firms are paid millions from BP to produce an image of clean Florida beaches, what is wrong with this country?

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