Best BP graphic and best BP acronyme

A picture named M2

Huffington Post hit it today with their headline suBPrime as BP's long-term issuer default rating plummeted from AA to BBB. BP has lost 45% of its value since April 20. Hopefully BPs free fall will be scary enough for the other oil drillers to make sure they do not cause the next big spill. The best graphic of the day illustrates the power BP have to drill and kill all in the name of big oil. Who feels sorry for Svanberg today, yes the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, they think he will have to make a difficult choice between attending the Swedish Crown Princess wedding in June or spending more time by the Mexican Gulf, overseeing the clean-up and efforts to stop the leak. I do not feel sorry for Svanberg, obviously, he needs to man up and deal with the dirty oil business instead of mingling with the European royalty in beautiful Stockholm.  

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