BP - for the small peeepuuul

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The Mexican Gulf oil spill has now reached Sweden with its sticky, stinking mess. Sweden's Carl-Henric Svanberg manage to put our country in focus in a not so flattering way. After having been pulled by his ear to meet with Obama to get bitch slapped for his lack of leadership and communications during the oil spill, he stumbles out from the White House and speaks to the press with a horrible, even worse than the Swedish Cook, accent.
Can Svanberg not afford to take some English conversation lessons?
It was painful to listen to him speaking and even more so when he started babbeling about how BP cares for small people. Are they planning to launch a clothes line for small peeepuul, Blob Petite? Svanberg is not professional and this makes me wonder how big Ericsson could have been without Svanberg? How many blunders and mistakes did he make due to his bad language skills? My recommendation for Svanberg's next meeting with the English speaking world, is to use an interpretor instead. Thinking about it, Svanberg did not only put a stinky oil blob on Sweden, he actually blobbed on the UK as well, representing British Petrolium, the homeland of Queen's English.is being represented by a person who sounds like the Swedish Cook on drugs. It must be just to easy to make money out of oil, it seems like any person with a foot in his mouth can do so! BP for the small peeepuuul.

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