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Tomorrow the Swedish crown princess is marrying her man of the people, a man from the hicks, Ockelbo and yes I have been there, and the European royalty and nobility is dancing the night away in Swedish fairytale castles. This man is living the Swedish dream, coming  from nothing and getting the woman, the title, the lifestyle of an envied few. The royal marriage has been first page news all over Sweden for many days and tomorrow's wedding will be celebrated by many Swedes travelling to Stockholm to try to get a glimpse of the couple.  This would never happen in the USA.

Yesterday, a man was tied to a chair in Utah, a target was pinned to his shirt over his heart, and a firing squad of five shot the man to death on orders from the US government.  This, would never happen in Sweden.

Some complain over the Swedish royalty, their position, the cost to maintain the royalty to the Swedish tax payers. However, the king and his family, brings a certain air of civilization to a country, I think we can afford to keep our king and his family, to unite the country, to inspire to beautify.

Capital punishment does not belong in a civilization, bloody revenge, horror, death, should not be the deed of a civilized government, only of criminals and deranged people.

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