Swedish brats all time low behaviour during Gotlandsveckan

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My beautiful homeisland is invaded by brats from Stockholm every summer during what is now called Stockholmsveckan, the Stockholm week. The goal for these brats from the Swedish capital is to show-off their wealth amongst eachother and to everyone else. Last year they wasted money buying expensive champagne in the Visby restaurants and showering each other with the bubbly. Obviously the brats enjoyed this so much that thry had to do it all the time and it became an annoyance tourists and locals. After many complaints the Gotland authorities put a ban on the bubbly showers. The brats then came up with two new ways of enjoying themselves the only ways these extremely limited and uneducated group of people know, wasting money.  The number one obviously to themselves hilarious activity is to order two bottles of champagne and ask the waiter to serve one and pour the other out in the sink. The number two "cool" thing to do is, as reported by some hamburger chains in Visby, to order 50 hamburgers, eat one and throw the other 49 hamburgers in the trash.

I am the first one to admit that being fostered in a socialistic society one expects the society to take care of the elderly, the sick and the poor, nor school neither my parents or peers encouraged me to become a good citizen by giving back to my community via charities or non-profit organisations. Do not misunderstand me, Swedes are warm and generous people, ready to help their fellow citizens in need. But we are used to do so by paying high taxes without complaining, especially the Swedish middle class.
The Swedes that are born into the families with money and titles, at least the ones I know, have been taught from the beginning that they are privileged and shall share their fortune with the unfortunate.
To hear about this disgusting behavious amongst the young Swedish privileged is shocking. How can a young Swede, during a world recession, throw away good food and expensive beverages? Why not brag about how much you donated to a charity instead? Why not take your parent's money and go volunteering someplace where you might actually be appreciated instead of hated.
To all fellow Gotlanders, show the Stockholm good-for-nothing brats that Gotlanders do not accept such wasteful and disrespectful behaviour. Next year make sure all Gotland charities are out in restaurants offering alternatives to this years unacceptable behaviour during the Stockholm Week. Shame on you all Stockholm brats, you have nothing to be proud about!  

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