Scandinavian countries the happiest in the world

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Researchers at the Gallup World Poll went about it by surveying thousands of respondents in 155 countries, between 2005 and 2009, in order to measure two types of well-being.
The five happiest countries in the world is 1. Denmark 2. Finland 3.Norway 4.Sweden, are all clustered in the same region, and all enjoy high levels of prosperity. "The Scandinavian countries do really well," says Jim Harter, a chief scientist at Gallup, which developed the poll. "One theory why is that they have their basic needs taken care of to a higher degree than other countries. When we look at all the data, those basic needs explain the relationship between income and well-being.". The USA came in on number 14. Find the ranking list here


1 - Of curse that is not true for all people.

I always feel much better when I am in the USA.

I feel stressed when I know that the government takes care of everything, "I government that can give you all today is also powerful enough to take everything from you tomorrow".

I feel surrounded.

God bless the USA!

2 - @Adrian I agree with you, that there are many Scandinavians that are much happier outside of the Scandinavian countries!

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