Assange arrested in absentia for rape charges in Sweden

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Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks has been arrested in his absence for rape charges. This morning mrs Karin Rosander, communications director of the Swedish prosecutors office was interviewed about the incident via phone on CNN and made a complete fool of herself. When everyone can read in Swedish newspaper about when, how and by whom allegations abour rape and molestation, the prosecutor that allwed herself to be interviewed on CNN claimed that she did not know when and who and why Assange was arrested. She also appeared to not know who Assange is. She did a good job making the Swedish judicial system appear banana republic. Obviously a prosecutor cannot speculate on an incident but she could at least have explained to CNN how it works in Sweden and recommended them to contact the police. I can only hope CNN gets hold of someone better equipped for such an interview, maybe this Rosander was really the cleaner in the prosecutors office. The news anchor, TJ Holmes, of CNN Saturday Morning that performed the live interview on the phone did the best to hide the fact that he was flabbergasted by the replies he got from Sweden. This is what we know from reading the Swedish tabloid Expressen who claims to have the information on the case.  

Friday night Assange was arrested in his absence by prosecutor Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand. The arrest order was based on information from the Stockholm police that there had been reports on rape and molestation. Expressen has information from the Stockholm police that two women came forward and accused Assange for rape in Stockholm in an apartment in Sodermalm last weekend and another molestation in Enkoping, a town one hour from Stockholm last Tuesday. According to Expressen the women that came to the police know eachother and were initially afraid to press charges and initially came to the police for advice about their situation. Both women know Assange through their work with him while he was in Sweden. So far neither Expressen nor the police have been in contact with Assange. However, Assange denies the charges on Twitter.

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