Aftonbladet publish interview with the alleged assault victim

The tabloid Aftonbladet has published an interview with the alleged rape victim, a woman in her thirties whh claims that Assange has a distorted view on women and has problems accepting a no. The 30-year-old woman tells Aftonbladet that she had a sexual relation with Assange that turned into a situation defined in Sweden as molestation, or as we woman expresses it sexual assault . The woman decided to talk to Aftonbladet after she read the many conspiracy theories on the Internet about CIA or Pentagon being behind the grave accusations. Both women that made the allegations have left detailed stories to the police, stories that are now being investigated by the police. The woman also, according to Aftonbladet denies information published in the tabloid Expressen that the women should be afraid of Assange due to his position.

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