Supposedly molested woman's blog comments

One of the women who supposedly accused Assange of molestation has now closed her blog and removes her contact information from the web. However, and this should serve as a reminder for everyone who is posting on the web, information is stored somewhere and cannot be deleted once published. I have made a translation from Swedish to English of her blog post from June 1, 2006 about rape. The address before the blog was closed is

The following takes place in a contrafactual but not impossible scenario, that we discussed today, but did not get an answer to:
Woman: Do you want to come home with me?
Man: Why not?
[They drink tea]
Woman: Come over here.
[A sexual act is commenced]
The man holds the woman's arms, try to force her head to his crotch, penetrates to hard and so on, the woman wants to stop as she is no longer interested in continuing. She stops being responsive and eventually tries to push him away from her body, but does not say anything, probably or partly due to fear of making the man who already shows an aggressive behaviour more angry.
It is obvious that something is wrong, during somewhat equal sex, or at least where some kind of communication is established between the partners, one realises in this situation that he should not continue, but he continues because he has a view on women that tells him that it is ok because she agreed on it at the time he listened to her, or because he studies the law and knows that he will never be convicted.
Can someone tell me how this case would be classified?
Could he have been convicted if he confessed to the above?
Is there any case at all where a man was convicted of rape, despite the fact that the woman initiated the act from free will?
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