Swedish Prosecutor's Authority about the Assange scandal

The Swedish Prosecutor's Authority has published a Q and A about the Assange scandal. It was published only in Swedish so I have made a translation.

The chief prosecutor Eva Finne will work on the case during this week. It is not possible at this time to say when new information about the case can be published.
Chief prosecutor Eva Finne decided on Saturday afternoon to withdraw the decision to arrest Julian Assange. She had reviewed the information of the case and judged that he could not be suspected of rape.
Q: Is it common that prosecutors make different decisions?
A: The information that Eva Finne had on Saturday was more complext than the material the emergency prosecutor has access to last Friday night. Decisions about an arrest must always continously be tried as the investigation goes on.
Q: What will happen now?
A: Eva Finne will continue to work on the case this week. At this point it is not possible to say when new information can be available or when decisions will be made. It is not possible to judge whether Julian Assange needs to be interrogated, or which crimes that will be considered.
Q: Why was a new prosecutor appointed to this case?
A: The decision to appoint Eva Finne to prosecutor in this case was taken during the Saturday. The reason was to take the work load off the emergency prosecutor. After weekends all emergency cases are distributed to different prosecutors, but also during weekends an ordinary prosecutor can be appointed for a case. This concerns extra ordinary cases or cases that gets a lot of attention, as the emergency function can not be allowed to be occupied with one single case.  
Q: Why was Julian Assange's name made public?
A: Normally the Prosecutor's Authority does not publish names of people under arrest and the authority did not take the initiative to publish the name. The information about the arrest reached, in a way the authority does not know, a newsdesk. The prosecutor confirmed the information.    


1 - Emoticon shame on Swidish courts to bend down to US the international bully. Shame, shame for arrest without definite charge and colluding with illegal and unconstitutional charges

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