Expressen on false allegations of rape from 2007

In March 24, 2007 Expressen, the tabloid that broke the news of the rape allegations against Assange, published an article about the problem of the increasing number of false allegations of rape in Sweden and the consequences for the men that according to Expressen are accused for the most shameful crime in society - rape.

In 2006 4 200 rapes where reported in Sweden, during the last decade the number of reported sex crimes have increased with 59%.
Some of the alligations are false and for those falsely accused the consequences are devastating also the false alligations are a problem for the women that have been victims of rape and fight for justice. In many cases of rape there is word against word and it is difficult for the justice system to make sure tha no one innocent is convicted.
The Swedish Chancellor of Justice, Goran Lambert, tells Expressen that "One "feels" strongly that this is the case, and then you continue to follow that line of thought, without being as thorough as you should." Lambertz also thinks that the demand for evidence of rape has been lowered. "Some judges say that before we talked about better free than convict, rather free ten guilty than one innocent. today, however, it is more important that no one guilty escapes the law."  

There are several reports indicating serious mistakes in the investigations of sex crimes such as witnesses that were never interviewed, questions that were never asked, crime scenes that were never examined, injuries on women that were not documented and so on.

The lack of evidence and incomplete crime investigations is an increasing problem for not only for the victims but also for the accused, in most cases men. There are three reasons for a women to falsely accuse a man of rape: the woman needs an aliby, revenge or attention.

The Chancellor of Justice report "Wrongly convicted" edited by Hans-Gunnar Axberger professor in Media Law, delivers harsh critisism towards parts of the Swedish justice system. "When you are  satisfied with the type of evidence, where you only take information from the victims, the risk for innocent people being convicted inceases" Hans-Gunnar Axberger.

The report demands lists the following problems in the Swedish justice system concerning rape allegations

- Incomplete investigations, police and prosecutors are not thorough enough investigating sex crimes.

- Vague descriptions of the alleged crime, the crime is not connected to a particular time or place.

- The courts do not care that the investigations are incomplete before the make judgement.

- Incomplete investigations into the accused's statements in sex crimes. Warning signals are ignored.

- Judgement of credability alone shall not be approved for convictions.

- Lowered demands for evidence in credability cases: stricter demands for evidence otherwise innocents will be convicted.

If convicted for false allegations the punishment is prison for maximum two years.


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